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1) Conformance, Conformity : مشابہت : (noun) correspondence in form or appearance.

Related : Correspondence : compatibility of observations. Rightness : conformity with some esthetic standard of correctness or propriety.

Useful Words

Better-Looking, Fine-Looking, Good-Looking, Handsome, Well-Favored, Well-Favoured : عمدہ : pleasing in appearance especially by reason of conformity to ideals of form and proportion. "Prophet Yousuf PBUH was known, in addition for being very handsome, to be of gentle temperament He was respectful, kind and considerate".

Pursuant : اتفاق پذیر : (followed by `to') in conformance to or agreement with. "Pursuant to our agreement".

3-D, 3d, Three-D : تین طرفہ نظارہ : having a three-dimensional form or appearance. "Aren`t dreams always in 3-D?".

Squarish : مربع نما : somewhat square in appearance or form.

Roundish : گول نما : somewhat round in appearance or form.

Transformation, Translation : ترجمہ کرنے کا عمل : the act of changing in form or shape or appearance. "A photograph is a translation of a scene onto a two-dimensional surface".

3-D, 3d, Three-D : تین جہتی : a movie with images having three dimensional form or appearance. "A 3d world".

Transform, Transmute, Transubstantiate : شکل بدل دینا : change or alter in form, appearance, or nature. "This experience transformed her completely".

Color, Colour, Gloss, Semblance : جھلک : an outward or token appearance or form that is deliberately misleading. "There was not a semblance of law and order".

Condition, Qualify, Specify, Stipulate : بیان کرنا : specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement. "The will stipulates that she can live in the house for the rest of her life".

Similar : ہم صورت : marked by correspondence or resemblance. "Similar food at similar prices".

Censoring, Censorship : احتساب : deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances.

Adult Education : تعلیم بالغان : a course (via lectures or correspondence) for adults who are not otherwise engaged in formal study.

Keeping : ہم آہنگ : conformity or harmony. "His behavior was not in keeping with the occasion".

Secretarial Assistant, Secretary : سیکرٹری : an assistant who handles correspondence and clerical work for a boss or an organization.

Heterology : اعضاء کی نا اتفاقی : (biology) the lack of correspondence of apparently similar body parts.

The True, Trueness, Truth, Verity : حقیقت : conformity to reality or actuality. "They debated the truth of the proposition".

Correctness, Rightness : درستگی : conformity to fact or truth.

Honoring, Observance : رسم : conformity with law or custom or practice etc.. "The observance of Thanksgiving is deeply rooted in Christian faith".

Equity, Fairness : غیر جانبداری : conformity with rules or standards. "The judge recognized the fairness of my claim".

Legalism : قانون پرستی : strict conformity to the letter of the law rather than its spirit.

Acceptable : قابل قبول : judged to be in conformity with approved usage. "Acceptable English usage".

Incorrect, Wrong : غلط : not correct; not in conformity with fact or truth. "What`s wrong with you?".

Disciplinarian, Martinet, Moralist : سخت نظم و ضبط کا قائل : someone who demands exact conformity to rules and forms.

Clean, Fair, Fairly : جائز طور پر : in conformity with the rules or laws and without fraud or cheating. "All is fair".

Justness, Nicety, Rightness : حسب روایت : conformity with some esthetic standard of correctness or propriety. "It was performed with justness and beauty".

Legality : قانونی : lawfulness by virtue of conformity to a legal statute. "Legality of case".

Govern, Order, Regularise, Regularize, Regulate : اصولوں کے مطابق بنانا : bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations. "We cannot regulate the way people dress".

Censor : محتسب : a person who is authorized to read publications or correspondence or to watch theatrical performances and suppress in whole or in part anything considered obscene or politically unacceptable.

Accurate, Exact, Precise : درست : (of ideas, images, representations, expressions) characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth ; strictly correct. "A precise image".

Rhyme, Rime : قافیہ : correspondence in the sounds of two or more lines (especially final sounds).

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