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Cookstove meaning in Urdu

Cookstove Sentence

I have a new cookstove.

Cookstove Definitions

1) Cookstove : چولہا : (noun) a stove for cooking (especially a wood- or coal-burning kitchen stove).


Useful Words

Put On : چڑھنا , Burner : چولہا , Griddle : توا , Charcoal Burner : انگیٹھی , Broiler : بھوننے کا آلہ , Cooking Stove : چولہا , Cooking Utensil : کھانا پکانے کے آلات , Brand : جلتا ہوا لکڑی کا ٹکڑا , Match : ماچس , Funeral Pyre : چتا , Coal : انگارہ , Cinder : دھات کا میل , Coal-Tar Creosote : قطران , Scullery : برتن دہونے اور رکھنے کی جگہ , Coal Scuttle : کوئلے دان , Kitchenette : چھوٹا باورچی خانہ , Veneer : پلائی وڈ , Food Waste : کوڑا کرکٹ , Yew : درخت صنوبر , Dinette : باورچی خانے کے پاس کھانا کھانے کی چھوٹی سی جگہ , Masher : کچومر نکالنے والا , Oven : ایک قسم کا چولھا , Mixer : آمیزہ کار , Squeezer : نچوڑنے والی چیز , Soap Dish : صابن دانی , Toaster : ٹوسٹر , Galley : ہوائی جہاز وغیرہ کا باورچی خانہ , Burning : جلا نا , Studio : فلیٹ گھر , Scullion : مشعلچی , Conflagrate : بھڑکانا

Useful Words Definitions

Put On: put on the stove or ready for cooking.

Burner: the heating elements of a stove or range on which pots and pans are placed for cooking.

Griddle: cooking utensil consisting of a flat heated surface (as on top of a stove) on which food is cooked.

Charcoal Burner: a stove that burns charcoal as fuel.

Broiler: an oven or part of a stove used for broiling.

Cooking Stove: a kitchen appliance used for cooking food.

Cooking Utensil: a kitchen utensil made of material that does not melt easily; used for cooking.

Brand: a piece of wood that has been burned or is burning.

Match: a burning piece of wood or cardboard.

Funeral Pyre: wood heaped for burning a dead body as a funeral rite.

Coal: a hot fragment of wood or coal that is left from a fire and is glowing or smoldering.

Cinder: a fragment of incombustible matter left after a wood or coal or charcoal fire.

Coal-Tar Creosote: a dark oily liquid obtained by distillation of coal tar; used as a preservative for wood.

Scullery: a small room (in large old British houses) next to the kitchen; where kitchen utensils are cleaned and kept and other rough household jobs are done.

Coal Scuttle: container for coal; shaped to permit pouring the coal onto the fire.

Kitchenette: small kitchen.

Veneer: coating consisting of a thin layer of superior wood glued to a base of inferior wood.

Food Waste: food that is discarded (as from a kitchen).

Yew: wood of a yew; especially the durable fine-grained light brown or red wood of the English yew valued for cabinetwork and archery bows.

Dinette: a small area off of a kitchen that is used for dining.

Masher: a kitchen utensil used for mashing (e.g. potatoes).

Oven: kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting.

Mixer: a kitchen utensil that is used for mixing foods.

Squeezer: a kitchen utensil for squeezing juice from fruit.

Soap Dish: a bathroom or kitchen fixture for holding a bar of soap.

Toaster: a kitchen appliance (usually electric) for toasting bread.

Galley: the kitchen area for food preparation on an airliner.

Burning: the act of burning something.

Studio: an apartment with a living space and a bathroom and a small kitchen.

Scullion: a kitchen servant employed to do menial tasks (especially washing).

Conflagrate: cause to start burning.

Cookstove in Book Titles

Beatrix: From Royal Court to Cookstove.

کُھلّم کُھلّا