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1. نیوزی لینڈ کا کوہ پیما Nuzi Land Ka Ku Pima : Hillary, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, Edmund Hillary : (noun) New Zealand mountaineer who in 1953 first attained the summit of Mount Everest with his Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay (born in 1919).

Related : Mountaineer : someone who climbs mountains.

Useful Words

Born : پیدا شدہ Paida Shuda : brought into existence. "He was a child born of adultery"

Everest - Mount Everest - Mt. Everest : تبت اور نیپال کی سرحد پر اور ہمالیا کے مرکز میں واقع دنیا کا بلند ترین پہاڑ Tibat Or Nepal Ki Sarhad Par Or Himalia Kay Markaz Men Waqe Dunia Ka Buland Tareen Pahar : a mountain in the central Himalayas on the border of Tibet and Nepal; the highest mountain peak in the world (29,028 feet high).

First - First Of All - First Off - Firstly - Foremost : سب سے پہلے Sab Se Pehle : before anything else. "I felt it for the first time"

Conduct - Direct - Guide - Lead - Take : لے جانا Lay Jana : take somebody somewhere. "Lead me somewhere"

Aloha State - Hawai'i - Hawaii - Hi : ہوائی امریکی ریاست Hawai Amreki Riasat : a state in the United States in the central Pacific on the Hawaiian Islands.

Mount - Riding Horse - Saddle Horse : سواری میں استعمال ہونے والا گہوڑا Sawari Men Estamal Honay Wala Ghora : a lightweight horse kept for riding only.

Mountain Climber - Mountaineer : پہاڑ چڑھنے والا Pahar Charnay Wala : someone who climbs mountains.

Fresh - Freshly - New - Newly : ابھی Abhi : very recently. "They are newly married"

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