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Flakiness meaning in Urdu

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Flakiness Definitions

1) Flakiness, Craziness, Daftness : پاگل پن, خبط پن : (noun) informal terms for insanity.

Useful Words

Insaneness : دیوانگی , Cakehole : منھ , Boodle : مال , Barker : کتا , Ma : ماں , Beak : ناک , Pee : پیشاب کرنے کی ایک اصطلاح , Chow : خوراک , Duds : کپڑے لتے , Altogether : ننگا , Beef : اعتراض , Penman : مصنف , Bird : چھوکری , Around The Bend : باولا , Fix : مصیبت , Far-Out : غیر روایتی , Kitty : بلی , Attic : انسانی سر , Countenance : چہرہ , Brainsick : باﺅلا , Coprophagia : فضلہ کھانا , Chat : گپ شپ , Bally : انتہائی , Ambassador : سفیر , Contend : کم سے کم مواد سے کام چلانا , Conciliate : متفق ہو جانا , Conflicting : مخالف , Fiddling : حقیر , Hoosegow : جیل , Bunny : خرگوش , Bozo : بندہ

Useful Words Definitions

Insaneness: obsolete terms for legal insanity.

Cakehole: informal terms for the mouth.

Boodle: informal terms for money.

Barker: informal terms for dogs.

Ma: informal terms for a mother.

Beak: informal terms for the nose.

Pee: informal terms for urination.

Chow: informal terms for a meal.

Duds: informal terms for clothing.

Altogether: informal terms for nakedness.

Beef: informal terms for objecting.

Penman: informal terms for journalists.

Bird: informal terms for a (young) woman.

Around The Bend: informal terms for mentally irregular.

Fix: informal terms for a difficult situation.

Far-Out: informal terms; strikingly unconventional.

Kitty: informal terms referring to a domestic cat.

Attic: informal terms for a human head.

Countenance: the human face (`kisser` and `smiler` and `mug` are informal terms for `face` and `phiz` is British).

Brainsick: affected with madness or insanity.

Coprophagia: eating feces; in human a symptom of some kinds of insanity.

Chat: an informal conversation.

Bally: informal intensifiers.

Ambassador: an informal representative.

Contend: come to terms with.

Conciliate: come to terms.

Conflicting: on bad terms.

Fiddling: (informal) small and of little importance.

Hoosegow: informal term for a jail.

Bunny: (usually informal) especially a young rabbit.

Bozo: an informal term for a youth or man.

Related Words

Insanity : پاگل پن

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