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1. Furnish, Provide, Render, Supply : فراہم کرنا - مہیا کرنا : (Verb) Give something useful or necessary to.

We provided the room with an electrical heater.

Feed - feed into; supply.

2. Furnish : فرنیچر لگانا : (Verb) Provide or equip with furniture.

We furnished the house in the Biedermeyer style.

Furnish, Provide, Render, Supply - give something useful or necessary to.

Equip, Fit, Fit Out, Outfit - کسی مقصد کے لئے لیس کرنا سامان دینا - provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose; "The expedition was equipped with proper clothing, food, and other necessities".

Article Of Furniture, Furniture, Piece Of Furniture - فرنیچر - furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy; "they had too much furniture for the small apartment".

Give, Spring, Springiness - لچک - the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length.

Essential, Necessary, Necessity, Requirement, Requisite - ضرورت - anything indispensable; "food and shelter are necessities of life".

Cater, Ply, Provide, Supply - فراہم کرنا - give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance; "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests".

Something - کچھ - An undetermined or unspecified thing; "Something went wrong with the car".

Useful, Utile - کار آمد - being of use or service; "the girl felt motherly and useful".

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