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گزر جانا : Guzar Jana Meaning in English

Guzar Jana in Sentences

Two days have passed.
The year elapsed.

Guzar Jana Synonyms


Guzar Jana in Detail

1 of 3) گزر جانا : Pretermit : (verb) disregard intentionally or let pass.

3 of 3) گزر جانا : Cross : (verb) meet and pass.

Useful Words

عبور کرنا : Transit , الزام : Blame , نظرانداز کرنا : Pass Off , نفرت : Despite , من مانا : Cavalier , توہین کرنا : Flout , اسکیٹ : Skate , خلاف ورزی کرنا : Breach , مطلب پرستی : Selfishness , انڈ شنڈ : Bare-Knuckle , لاپروہ : Foolhardy , تواضع : Condescendingness , سوچھی سمجھی : Conscious , ایک ساتھ : Co-Ordinated , بدلحاظ : Disobliging , باطل : Mendacious , قتل کرنا : Bump Off , قتل کر نا : Kill , جان بوجھ کر اپنے آپ کو مارنے والا : Felo-De-Se , منصوبہ : Calculation , ڈھٹائی : Defiance , یقین کر لینا : Make A Point , دوڑانا : Draw , واقع ہونا : Come About , گزارنا : Make Pass , رستہ : Passage , گزرنا : Filter , دینا : Deliver , سہنا : Undergo , پہنچانا : Relay , چیرنا : Cut

Useful Words Definitions

Transit: pass across (a sign or house of the zodiac) or pass across (the disk of a celestial body or the meridian of a place).

Blame: an accusation that you are responsible for some lapse or misdeed.

Pass Off: disregard.

Despite: contemptuous disregard.

Cavalier: given to haughty disregard of others.

Flout: treat with contemptuous disregard.

Skate: sports equipment that is worn on the feet to enable the wearer to glide along and to be propelled by the alternate actions of the legs.

Breach: act in disregard of laws, rules, contracts, or promises.

Selfishness: stinginess resulting from a concern for your own welfare and a disregard of others.

Bare-Knuckle: characterized by disorderly action and disregard for rules.

Foolhardy: marked by defiant disregard for danger or consequences.

Condescendingness: affability to your inferiors and temporary disregard for differences of position or rank.

Conscious: intentionally conceived.

Co-Ordinated: intentionally matched.

Disobliging: intentionally unaccommodating.

Mendacious: intentionally untrue.

Bump Off: kill intentionally and with premeditation.

Kill: cause to die; put to death, usually intentionally or knowingly.

Felo-De-Se: a person who kills himself intentionally.

Calculation: planning something carefully and intentionally.

Defiance: intentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude.

Make A Point: make a point of doing something; act purposefully and intentionally.

Draw: pass over, across, or through.

Come About: come to pass.

Make Pass: cause to pass.

Passage: a way through or along which someone or something may pass.

Filter: pass through.

Deliver: pass down.

Undergo: pass through.

Relay: pass along.

Cut: pass through or across.

Related Words

آگے بڑھنا : Advance , گزرنا : Fell

Close Words

پھاٹک : Gate , گزرنا : Move Through , التجا کرتے ہوئے : Beseechingly , گزر گاہ : Entrance , جانا : Wend , گزر گاہ : Transit , گزارا کرنا : Feed On , گزرگاہ : Corridor , گزر گاہ : Door , گزر لفظ : Countersign , عرض : Appeal

Close Words Definitions

Gate: a movable barrier in a fence or wall.

Move Through: make a passage or journey from one place to another.

Beseechingly: in a beseeching manner.

Entrance: something that provides access (to get in or get out).

Wend: direct one's course or way.

Transit: a facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods.

Feed On: be sustained by.

Corridor: an enclosed passageway; rooms usually open onto it.

Door: the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close.

Countersign: a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group.

Appeal: earnest or urgent request.

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