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Hymen meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2) Hymen : شادی کا دیوتا : (noun) (Greek mythology) the god of marriage.

2 of 2) Hymen, Maidenhead, Virginal Membrane : کنواری عورت کی شرم گاہ کے گرد باریک جھلی, عورت کی شرم گاہ کی اندرونی جھلی, بکارت : (noun) a fold of tissue that partly covers the entrance to the vagina of a virgin.

Useful Words

Intact : کنواری , Zeus : یونان کا سب سے بڑا دیوتا , Aides : یونانی دیوتا , Helen : قدیم یونانی شہزادی , Hecate : افزائش نسل کی دیوی , Aglaia : یونانی دیوی , Oread : پہاڑی پری , Nereid : جل پری , Cepheus : حبشہ کا بادشاہ , Calypso : قدیم یونانی افسانوی پری , Thalia : ثلائیہ , Agamemnon : یونانی بادشاہ , Jove : رومیوں کا دیوتا , Luna : چاند کی دیوی , Adonis : یونانی دیوتا کا پسندیدہ لڑکا , Nike : نایک؛ زمین سے فضا میں مار کرنے والا راکٹ یا میزائیل , Acheron : موت کا دریا , Hebe : یونانی دیوی , Love Match : پسند کی شادی , Aegisthus : قدیم یونانی دیوتا , Pegasus : ایک برادر گہوڑا , Aeschylus : مشکلات بھری اداکاری کرنے والا , Achilles : قدیم یونانی جنگجو , Conjoin : شادی کرنا , Wed : شادی شدہ , Affiance : منگنی کرنا , Misogamy : شادی سے نفرت , Stepson : سوتیلا بیٹا , In-Law : سسرال والے , Mateless : بے جوڑی کا , Affine : قرابت دار بوجہ شادی

Useful Words Definitions

Intact: (of a woman) having the hymen unbroken.

Zeus: (Greek mythology) the supreme god of ancient Greek mythology; son of Rhea and Cronus whom he dethroned; husband and brother of Hera; brother of Poseidon and Hades; father of many gods; counterpart of Roman Jupiter.

Aides: (Greek mythology) the god of the underworld in ancient mythology; brother of Zeus and husband of Persephone.

Helen: (Greek mythology) the beautiful daughter of Zeus and Leda who was abducted by Paris; the Greek army sailed to Troy to get her back which resulted in the Trojan War.

Hecate: (Greek mythology) Greek goddess of fertility who later became associated with Persephone as goddess of the underworld and protector of witches.

Aglaia: (Greek mythology) one of the three Graces.

Oread: (Greek mythology) one of the mountain nymphs.

Nereid: (Greek mythology) any of the 50 sea nymphs who were daughters of the sea god Nereus.

Cepheus: (Greek mythology) king of Ethiopia and husband of Cassiopeia.

Calypso: (Greek mythology) the sea nymph who detained Odysseus for seven years.

Thalia: (Greek mythology) the Muse of comedy and pastoral poetry.

Agamemnon: (Greek mythology) the king who lead the Greeks against Troy in the Trojan War.

Jove: (Roman mythology) supreme god of Romans; counterpart of Greek Zeus.

Luna: (Roman mythology) the goddess of the Moon; counterpart of Greek Selene.

Adonis: (Greek mythology) a handsome youth loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone.

Nike: (Greek mythology) winged goddess of victory; identified with Roman Victoria.

Acheron: (Greek mythology) a river in Hades across which the souls of the dead were carried by Charon.

Hebe: (Greek mythology) the goddess of youth and spring; wife of Hercules; daughter of Zeus and Hera; cupbearer to the Olympian gods.

Love Match: a marriage for love`s sake; not an arranged marriage.

Aegisthus: (Greek mythology) the seducer of Clytemnestra and murderer of Agamemnon who usurped the throne of Mycenae until Agamemnon`s son Orestes returned home and killed him.

Pegasus: (Greek mythology) the immortal winged horse that sprang from the blood of the slain Medusa; was tamed by Bellerophon with the help of a bridle given him by Athena; as the flying horse of the Muses it is a symbol of highflying imagination.

Aeschylus: Greek tragedian; the father of Greek tragic drama (525-456 BC).

Achilles: a mythical Greek hero of the Iliad; a foremost Greek warrior at the siege of Troy; when he was a baby his mother tried to make him immortal by bathing him in a magical river but the heel by which she held him remained vulnerable--his `Achilles` heel`.

Conjoin: take someone in marriage .

Wed: having been taken in marriage.

Affiance: give to in marriage.

Misogamy: hatred of marriage.

Stepson: the son your spouse by a former marriage.

In-Law: a relative by marriage.

Mateless: of someone who has no marriage partner.

Affine: (anthropology) kin by marriage.

Related Words

Mucosa : لعابی جھلی