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Intensifier meaning in Urdu

Intensifier Sentence

`up' in `finished up' is an intensifier.

Intensifier Synonym

Intensifier Definitions

1) Intensifier, Intensive : شدت کا حامل : (noun) a modifier that has little meaning except to intensify the meaning it modifies.

`honestly' in `I honestly don't know' is an intensifier.


Useful Words

Either : بھی , Marvellously : شانداری سے , Ever : بہت زیادہ , Cursed : لعنتی , Literally : بالکل , Unmitigated : پکا , Antonym : لفظ جو دوسرے لفظ کی ضد ہو , Homonymy : لفظوں کا ہم ہجہ ہونا , Ablative Absolute : مفعول منہ , Apprehend : سمجھ لینا , Purposeful : معنی دار , Ambiguous : ذو معنی , Synonymous : ہم معنی , Meaningful : معنی خیز , Moralise : اخلاقی شکل دینا , Drift : مطلب , Cabalistic : مخفی , Understand : سمجھنا , Acceptation : تسلیم شدہ مطلب , Qualified : محدود مطلب , Semanticist : ماہر علم المعانی , Bunk : بکواس , Meaningless : بے معنی , Intent : مفہوم , Semantics : علم المعانی کا مطالعہ , Important : اہم , Pithy : مختصر اور جامع , Draw Out : حاصل کرنا , Ambiguity : ابہام , Interpretation : تاویل , Construe : مطلب نکالنا

Useful Words Definitions

Either: after a negative statement used as an intensive meaning something like `likewise` or `also`.

Marvellously: (used as an intensifier) extremely well.

Ever: (intensifier for adjectives) very.

Cursed: deserving a curse; sometimes used as an intensifier.

Literally: (intensifier before a figurative expression) without exaggeration.

Unmitigated: not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity; sometimes used as an intensifier.

Antonym: a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other.

Homonymy: the relation between two words that are spelled the same way but differ in meaning or the relation between two words that are pronounced the same way but differ in meaning.

Ablative Absolute: a constituent in Latin grammar; a noun and its modifier can function as a sentence modifier.

Apprehend: get the meaning of something.

Purposeful: having meaning through having an aim.

Ambiguous: having more than one possible meaning.

Synonymous: (of words) meaning the same or nearly the same.

Meaningful: having a meaning or purpose.

Moralise: interpret the moral meaning of.

Drift: the pervading meaning or tenor.

Cabalistic: having a secret or hidden meaning.

Understand: know and comprehend the nature or meaning of.

Acceptation: the accepted meaning of a word.

Qualified: restricted in meaning; (as e.g. `man` in `a tall man`).

Semanticist: a specialist in the study of meaning.

Bunk: a message that seems to convey no meaning.

Meaningless: having no meaning or direction or purpose.

Intent: the intended meaning of a communication.

Semantics: the study of language meaning.

Important: important in effect or meaning.

Pithy: concise and full of meaning.

Draw Out: deduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning).

Ambiguity: an expression whose meaning cannot be determined from its context.

Interpretation: a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something.

Construe: make sense of; assign a meaning to.

Related Words

All-Fired : بالکل , Mightily : نہایت , In Truth : حقیقت میں , Deadly : نہایت , Downright : پوری طرح

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