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Khilaaf Qanoon : خَلافِ قانُون

1. Illegitimate, Illicit, Outlaw, Outlawed, Unlawful : خلاف قانون : contrary to or forbidden by law.

2. Unconstitutional : خلاف قانون - خلاف آئین : (adjective) not consistent with or according to a constitution; contrary to the U.S. Constitution.

3. Improper, Unconventional, Unlawful : خلاف قانون : not conforming to legality, moral law, or social convention.

Qayam : Constitution : the act of forming or establishing something. "The constitution of a PTA group last year"

Tarteeb Dene Ka... : Constitution : the way in which someone or something is composed.

Dastoor, Aain : Constitution : law determining the fundamental political principles of a government.

Kutwali Jamiat, Police : Law : the force of policemen and officers. "Call the police"

Usool, Qanoon : Law : the collection of rules imposed by authority. "Civilization presupposes respect for the law"

Mutazad : Contrary : a logical relation such that two propositions are contraries if both cannot be true but both can be false.

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