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مخصوص کام کے لئے : Makhsoos Kam Kay Liay Meaning in English

Makhsoos Kam Kay Liay in Detail

1) Ad Hoc : مخصوص کام کے لئے : (adverb) for one specific case.

Useful Words

مقدمہ : Case, Causa, Cause, Lawsuit, Suit : a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy. "The landlord brought suit against the renter"

ڈبہ : Case : a portable container for carrying several objects. "The musicians left their instrument cases backstage"

شیشے کی الماری : Case, Display Case, Showcase, Vitrine : a glass container used to store and display items in a shop or museum or home.

تکیے کا غلاف : Case, Pillow Slip, Pillowcase, Slip : bed linen consisting of a cover for a pillow. "The burglar carried his loot in a pillowcase"

بڑا یا چھوٹا حرف : Case, Compositor's Case, Typesetter's Case : (printing) the receptacle in which a compositor has his type, which is divided into compartments for the different letters, spaces, or numbers. "For English, a compositor will ordinarily have two such cases, the upper case containing the capitals and the lower case containing the small letters"

خول : Case, Casing, Shell : the housing or outer covering of something. "The clock has a walnut case"

بات : Case : the actual state of things. "That was not the case"

کوئی خاص خوبی : Particular, Specific : a fact about some part (as opposed to general). "He always reasons from the particular to the general"

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