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Mediation meaning in Urdu

Mediation Sentence

Have you ever used third party mediation.

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Mediation in Detail

1 of 2) Mediation, Intermediation : مصالحت : (noun) the act of intervening for the purpose of bringing about a settlement.

Related : Intervention : the act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute, etc.). Matchmaking : mediation in order to bring about a marriage between others.

2 of 2) Mediation : ثالثی : (noun) a negotiation to resolve differences that is conducted by some impartial party.

Related : Talks : a discussion intended to produce an agreement. Conciliation : any of various forms of mediation whereby disputes may be settled short of arbitration. Umpirage : mediation by an umpire.

Useful Words

Application, Practical Application : استعمال : the act of bringing something to bear; using it for a particular purpose. "He advocated the application of statistics to the problem".

Umpirage : امپائری : mediation by an umpire.

Mediatory : مصالحتی : of or related to or directed toward mediation.

Matchmaking : رشتہ طے کرنے کا عمل : mediation in order to bring about a marriage between others.

Conciliation : مصالحت : any of various forms of mediation whereby disputes may be settled short of arbitration. "No room for conciliation left".

Actor's Line, Speech, Words : بول : words making up the dialogue of a play. "The actor forgot his speech".

Musical, Musical Comedy, Musical Theater : مزاحیہ موسیقی : a play or film whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and dancing.

Screenplay : ڈرامائی پیش کش : a script for a film including dialogue and descriptions of characters and sets.

Caption, Subtitle : ترجمہ : translation of foreign dialogue of a movie or TV program; usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. "Ali writes such a caption on every photo he posts on Facebook that everyone makes fun of him".

Apply, Employ, Use, Utilise, Utilize : فائدہ اٹھانا : put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose. "Your skin looks quite dry because of the cold, so apply cream on your skin".

Directly : براہ راست : without anyone or anything intervening. "These two factors are directly related".

Over : ادھر : at or to a point across intervening space etc.. "Come over and see us some time".

Intercession, Intervention : مداخلت : the act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute, etc.). "Intervention will not be allowed here".

Ad Interim : فی الوقت : for an intervening time; temporarily. "Elected to serve ad interim".

Interlude : درمیانی واقعہ : an intervening period or episode.

At Once, Directly, Forthwith, Immediately, Instantly, Like A Shot, Now, Right Away, Straight Off, Straightaway : فوری : without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening. "The clothes I ordered online were not as good as shown in the image so I sent a query to them and they contacted me back instantly".

Indirect : بالواسطہ : having intervening factors or persons or influences. "Reflection from the ceiling provided a soft indirect light".

Direct, Unmediated : بلاواسطہ : having no intervening persons, agents, conditions. "In direct sunlight".

Interference, Intervention : خلل اندازی : a policy of intervening in the affairs of other countries.

Conclusion : حتمی : a final settlement. "The conclusion of a business deal".

Accommodation : مصالحت : a settlement of differences. "USA reached an accommodation with China".

Arbitrable : ثالثی کے قابل : appropriate for or subject to settlement by arbitration. "An arbitrable wage and health benefits policy".

Negotiant, Negotiator, Treater : مذاکرہ؛ معاملت؛ ہنڈی وغیرہ سکارنا : someone who negotiates (confers with others in order to reach a settlement).

Relocation, Resettlement : رہائش کے لیے مقام کی تبدیلی کا عمل : the transportation of people (as a family or colony) to a new settlement (as after an upheaval of some kind).

Sit-Down, Sit-Down Strike : وہ ہڑتال جس میں ہڑتالی گھر نہیں جاتے : a strike in which workers refuse to leave the workplace until a settlement is reached.

Luckless, Unlucky : بدقسمت : having or bringing misfortune. "Monday the 13th is an unlucky date".

Fatal : مہلک : bringing death. "Fatal gun".

Redeeming, Redemptive, Saving : گناہوں سے نجات دلانے والا : bringing about salvation or redemption from sin. "Saving faith".

Resurgence, Revitalisation, Revitalization, Revival, Revivification : حیات نو : bringing again into activity and prominence. "The revival of trade".

Concentration : فوج جمع کرنا : bringing together military forces.

Lucky : خوش نصیب : having or bringing good fortune. "I have been lucky".

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