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Mock Turtle Soup meaning in Urdu

Mock Turtle Soup Definitions

1) Mock Turtle Soup : بچھڑےکے گوشت کی یخنی : (noun) soup made from a calf's head or other meat in imitation of green turtle soup.


Useful Words

Dermochelys Coriacea : ایک بڑا کچھوا جس کا خول سخت ہوتا ہے , Broth : یخنی , Mulligatawny : ایک قسم کا انڈین شوربہ یا سوپ , Stockpot : یخنی تیار کرنے اور محفوظ کرنے والا برتن , Potage : گاڑھا سوپ , Soupy : شوربے جیسا , Minestrone : اطالیہ کی یخنی , Marmite : خمیر سے حاصل شدہ عرق , Marrowbone : گودے والی ہڈی , Cock-A-Leekie : مرغ یخنی , Consomme : شوربا , Matzah Ball : یہودی حلوہ , Concoction : بناوٹ , Matelote : شراب میں پکا ہوا مچھلی کا سالن , Ridley : سمندری کچھوا , Musk Turtle : آبی کچھوا , Eretmochelys Imbricata : چونچ والا کچھوا , Chelydra Serpentina : بڑے منہ والا کچھوا , Mud Turtle : کچھوا , Feint : اپنے عمل سے دہوکا دینا , Headcheese : گوشت کا پنیر , Bauble : کھلونا , Ridicule : مذاق , Feint : چکمہ دینا , Moot Court : وہ عدالت جہاں قانون کے طلبہ کی مشق یا تربیت کی جاتی ہے , Belling : شور مچانا , Calf's Liver : بچھڑے کا جگر , Veal : بچھڑے کا گوشت , Actinidia Chinensis : کیوی , Cos : سلاد کی ایک قسم , Brassica Oleracea Capitata : بند گوبی کا پودا

Useful Words Definitions

Dermochelys Coriacea: wide-ranging marine turtle with flexible leathery carapace; largest living turtle.

Broth: a thin soup of meat or fish or vegetable stock.

Mulligatawny: a soup of eastern India that is flavored with curry; prepared with a meat or chicken base.

Stockpot: a pot used for preparing soup stock.

Potage: thick (often creamy) soup.

Soupy: having the consistency and appearance of soup.

Minestrone: soup made with a variety of vegetables.

Marmite: a large pot especially one with legs used e.g. for cooking soup.

Marrowbone: a bone containing edible marrow; used especially in flavoring soup.

Cock-A-Leekie: soup made from chicken boiled with leeks.

Consomme: clear soup usually of beef or veal or chicken.

Matzah Ball: a Jewish dumpling made of matzo meal; usually served in soup.

Concoction: the act of creating something (a medicine or drink or soup etc.) by compounding or mixing a variety of components.

Matelote: highly seasoned soup or stew made of freshwater fishes (eel, carp, perch) with wine and stock.

Ridley: a marine turtle.

Musk Turtle: small freshwater turtle having a strong musky odor.

Eretmochelys Imbricata: pugnacious tropical sea turtle with a hawk-like beak; source of food and the best tortoiseshell.

Chelydra Serpentina: large-headed turtle with powerful hooked jaws found in or near water; prone to bite.

Mud Turtle: bottom-dwelling freshwater turtle inhabiting muddy rivers of North America and Central America.

Feint: deceive by a mock action.

Headcheese: sausage or jellied loaf made of chopped parts of the head meat and sometimes feet and tongue of a calf or pig.

Bauble: a mock scepter carried by a court jester.

Ridicule: language or behavior intended to mock or humiliate.

Feint: any distracting or deceptive maneuver (as a mock attack).

Moot Court: a mock court where law students argue hypothetical cases.

Belling: a noisy mock serenade (made by banging pans and kettles) to a newly married couple.

Calf's Liver: liver of a calf used as meat.

Veal: meat from a young of domestic calf .

Actinidia Chinensis: climbing vine native to China; cultivated in New Zealand for its fuzzy edible fruit with green meat.

Cos: lettuce with long dark-green leaves in a loosely packed elongated head.

Brassica Oleracea Capitata: any of various cultivated cabbage plants having a short thick stalk and large compact head of edible usually green leaves.

Related Words

Soup : شوربہ

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