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Overcrowd   Meaning in Urdu

1. Overcrowd : رش ہونا - ہجوم ہونا : (verb) cause to crowd together too much.

Dinner is overcrowded.
The students overcrowded the cafeteria.

Crowd, Herd - cause to herd, drive, or crowd together.

Useful Words

Cause - Get - Have - Induce - Make - Stimulate : آمادہ کرنا : cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner. "The ads induced me to buy a VCR"

Crowd : بھیڑ : a large number of things or people considered together. "There was a crowd of people"

Much : زیادہ : a great amount or extent. "Allah has given me so much"

Together : اکٹھے : in each other`s company. "Can we have dinner together?"

Excessively - Overly - To A Fault - Too : حد سے زیادہ : to a degree exceeding normal or proper limits. "You are not talking too much"

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