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Plain meaning in Urdu

Plain Sentences

Tell me plainly.
Made his meaning plain.

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Plain in Detail

1 of 9) Plain, Champaign, Field : صاف میدان : (noun) extensive tract of level open land.

They emerged from the woods onto a vast open plain.

Related : Flat : a level tract of land. Terra Firma : the solid part of the earth's surface. Llano : an extensive grassy and nearly treeless plain (especially in Latin America).


2 of 9) Plain, Complain, Kick, Kvetch, Quetch, Sound Off : گلہ کرنا, شکوہ کرنا : (verb) express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness.

My mother complains all day.

Related : Peck : bother persistently with trivial complaints. Bitch : say mean things. Yawp : complain whiningly.

3 of 9) Plain, Apparent, Evident, Manifest, Patent, Unmistakable : صاف, واضح : (satellite adjective) clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment.

It is plain that he is no reactionary.
In plain view.

Related : Obvious : easily perceived by the senses or grasped by the mind.

4 of 9) Plain, Apparently, Evidently, Manifestly, Obviously, Patently, Plainly : واضع طور پر, صاف صاف, سیدھی طرح : (adverb) unmistakably (`plain` is often used informally for `plainly`).

Tell me plainly, where did you come from?
You are plainly wrong.+ More

Related : Colloquialism : a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech.

5 of 9) Plain : سادہ : (adjective) not elaborate or elaborated; simple.

Plain food.
Stuck to the plain facts.+ More

Related : Undecorated : not decorated with something to increase its beauty or distinction. Stern : severely simple. Simple : apart from anything else; without additions or modifications.

6 of 9) Plain, Sheer, Unmingled, Unmixed : خالص : (satellite adjective) not mixed with extraneous elements.

Plain water.

Related : Pure : free of extraneous elements of any kind.

7 of 9) Plain, Unvarnished : جس پر روغن نہ کیا گیا ہو : (satellite adjective) free from any effort to soften to disguise.

The plain and unvarnished truth.

Related : Direct : straightforward in means or manner or behavior or language or action.

8 of 9) Plain, Bare, Spare, Unembellished, Unornamented : سادہ : (satellite adjective) lacking embellishment or ornamentation.

A plain hair style.

Related : Undecorated : not decorated with something to increase its beauty or distinction.

9 of 9) Plain, Homely : بد صورت : (satellite adjective) lacking in physical beauty or proportion.

A plain girl with a freckled face.

Related : Unattractive : lacking beauty or charm.

Plain in Idioms

Plain As Day : Very obvious.

Useful Words

Evince, Express, Show : ظاہر کرنا : give expression to. "She showed her disappointment".

Extended, Extensive : وسیع : large in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity. "An extensive Roman settlement in northwest England".

Down, Land, Shoot Down : مار گرانا : shoot at and force to come down. "Syria shot down Turkish aircraft".

Flat, Level, Plane : برابر : having a surface without slope, tilt in which no part is higher or lower than another. "A flat desk".

Open, Open Up : کہولنا : cause to open or to become open. "Mary opened the car door".

Parcel, Parcel Of Land, Piece Of Ground, Piece Of Land, Tract : زمین کا قطعہ : an extended area of land.

Sadness, Unhappiness : افسردگی : emotions experienced when not in a state of well-being.

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