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1. Planned, Plan, Program, Programme : منصوبہ - خاکہ : (Noun) A series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished.

They drew up a six-step plan.
They discussed plans for a new bond issue.+ More

Idea, Thought - the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about.

2. Planned, Design, Plan : منصوبہ : (Noun) An arrangement scheme.

The awkward design of the keyboard made operation difficult.
It was an excellent design for living.+ More

Configuration, Constellation - an arrangement of parts or elements.

3. Planned, Aforethought, Plotted : طے کردہ : Planned in advance.

With malice aforethought.

Premeditated - characterized by deliberate purpose and some degree of planning.

4. Planned, Architectural Plan, Plan : نقشہ - خاکہ : (Noun) Scale drawing of a structure.

The plans for City Hall were on file.

5. Planned, Contrive, Design, Plan, Project : تدبیر کرنا - سازش کرنا : (Verb) Make or work out a plan for; devise.

They contrived to murder their boss.
Design a new sales strategy.+ More

Concert - contrive (a plan) by mutual agreement.

Accomplished, Completed, Realised, Realized - تکمیل شدہ - successfully completed or brought to an end; "his mission accomplished he took a vacation".

Arrangement, Placement - تعیناتی - the spatial property of the way in which something is placed; "the arrangement of the furniture".

Goal - کھیل کا گول - a successful attempt at scoring; "He (Mario Gotze) scores a final goal".

Come Out, Out - ظاہر ہونا - be made known; be disclosed or revealed; "The truth will out".

Outline, Schema, Scheme - منصوبہ - a schematic or preliminary plan.

Measure, Step - قدم - any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal; "Now move on to the next step".

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