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1) Put Behind Bars, Gaol, Immure, Imprison, Incarcerate, Jail, Jug, Lag, Put Away, Remand : قید کرنا : (verb) lock up or confine, in or as in a jail.

Useful Words

Bullion : سونا اور چاندی , Grate : چولہا , Grill : انگیٹھی , Straddle : ٹانگیں پھیلانا , Cage : پنجرہ , Grate : جنگلا , Crampon : آنکڑا , Grid : سیلاقیں , Karaoke : مشہور گانے گانا جیسے شراب خانوں میں , Histogram : ہسٹوگرام ایک بار چارٹ , Bumper : ٹکر روک , Vibes : آلہ موسیقی , Common Mackerel : اسقمری مچھلی , Key : کنجی , Break : جیل توڑ کر بھاگنا , Hoosegow : جیل , Hold : قید خانہ , Lockup : حوالات , Con : سزایافتہ قیدی , Imprison : پابند کرنا قید کی طرح , Circumscribe : پابند کرنا , Coop In : قید کرنا , Box In : بند کرنا , Cage : پنجرے میں بند کرنا , Holding Cell : حوالات , House Of Correction : دارالاصلاح , Cuff : ہتھکڑی لگانا , Lock : تالہ لگانا , Bolt : کنڈی لگانا , Unlock : تالا کہولنا , Wisp : لٹ

Useful Words Definitions

Bullion: gold or silver in bars or ingots.

Grate: a frame of iron bars to hold a fire.

Grill: a framework of metal bars used as a partition or a grate.

Straddle: a gymnastic exercise performed with a leg on either side of the parallel bars.

Cage: an enclosure made or wire or metal bars in which birds or animals can be kept.

Grate: a barrier that has parallel or crossed bars blocking a passage but admitting air.

Crampon: a hinged pair of curved iron bars; used to raise heavy objects.

Grid: a cooking utensil of parallel metal bars; used to grill fish or meat.

Karaoke: singing popular songs accompanied by a recording of an orchestra (usually in bars or nightclubs).

Histogram: a bar chart representing a frequency distribution; heights of the bars represent observed frequencies.

Bumper: a mechanical device consisting of bars at either end of a vehicle to absorb shock and prevent serious damage.

Vibes: a percussion instrument similar to a xylophone but having metal bars and rotating disks in the resonators that produce a vibrato sound.

Common Mackerel: important food fish of the northern Atlantic and Mediterranean; its body is greenish-blue with dark bars and small if any scales.

Key: metal device shaped in such a way that when it is inserted into the appropriate lock the lock`s mechanism can be rotated.

Break: an escape from jail.

Hoosegow: informal term for a jail.

Hold: a cell in a jail or prison.

Lockup: jail in a local police station.

Con: a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison.

Imprison: confine as if in a prison.

Circumscribe: restrict or confine,.

Coop In: confine in or as if in a coop.

Box In: enclose or confine as if in a box.

Cage: confine in a cage.

Holding Cell: a jail in a courthouse where accused persons can be confined during a trial.

House Of Correction: (formerly) a jail or other place of detention for persons convicted of minor offences.

Cuff: confine or restrain with or as if with manacles or handcuffs.

Lock: fasten with a lock.

Bolt: Lock with a bolt.

Unlock: open the lock of.

Wisp: a small tuft or lock.

Related Words

Jurisprudence : اصول , Confine : قید کرنا

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