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Rd meaning in Urdu

Rd Sentence

I belief in RD.

Rd Definitions

1) Rd : کھرا سودا : (acronym) Real Deal.


Useful Words

Mind : نگرانی کرنا , Get Over : سبقت لے جانا , Attend : سنبھالنا , Misdeal : غلط ڈیل کرنا , Fd : منصفانہ سودا , Approach : کرنے کو آمادہ ہونا , Contrarious : اڑیل , Traffic : ناجائز ڈیل , Troublesome : پیچیدہ , Come To Grips : نبرد آزما ہونا , Confront : کسی چیز کا مقابلہ کرنا , For Good Measure : اضافے کے طور پر , Traffic : تجارت کرنا , Misdeal : تاش کے کھیل میں غلط تقسیم کرنا , Anticipate : پہلے ہی سے کام کر لینا , Earth Science : علم الارض , Accessibility : رسائی , Imagination : رسائی , Allocator : تقسیم کرنے والا , Awkward : ناگوار , Humid : گیلا , Laugh Away : ہنس کر کوئی بات اڑادینا , Holdout : انکار , Scant : عجلت برتنا , New Dealer : معاملت نو کا حامی , Approach : حکمت عملی , Surgical Strike : مخصوص ہدف پر اچانک حملہ , Gasbag : بیتکی گفتگو کرنے والا , Crack : کسی چیز سے مارنا , Brave : بہادر , Likely : ممکنہ

Useful Words Definitions

Mind: be in charge of or deal with.

Get Over: get on top of; deal with successfully.

Attend: take charge of or deal with.

Misdeal: an incorrect deal.

Fd: Fair Deal.

Approach: begin to deal with.

Contrarious: difficult to deal with.

Traffic: deal illegally.

Troublesome: difficult to deal with.

Come To Grips: deal with (a problem or a subject).

Confront: deal with (something unpleasant) head on.

For Good Measure: in addition (as to close a deal).

Traffic: trade or deal a commodity.

Misdeal: deal cards wrongly.

Anticipate: act in advance of; deal with ahead of time.

Earth Science: any of the sciences that deal with the earth or its parts.

Accessibility: the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with.

Imagination: the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems.

Allocator: a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion.

Awkward: hard to deal with; especially causing pain or embarrassment.

Humid: containing or characterized by a great deal of water vapor.

Laugh Away: deal with a problem by laughing or pretending to be amused by it.

Holdout: a refusal by a negotiator to come to terms in the hope of obtaining a better deal.

Scant: work hastily or carelessly; deal with inadequately and superficially.

New Dealer: a supporter of the economic policies in the United States known as the New Deal.

Approach: ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem or situation.

Surgical Strike: an attack (usually without prior warning) intended to deal only with a specific target.

Gasbag: a boring person who talks a great deal about uninteresting topics.

Crack: hit forcefully; deal a hard blow, making a cracking noise.

Brave: possessing or displaying courage; able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching.

Likely: likely but not certain to be or become true or real.

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