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Refund meaning in Urdu

Refund Sentences

I ordered a phone from your online shopping mall that is not working properly so I want my refund.
Please refund me my money.

Refund Synonyms


Refund Definitions

1 of 3) Refund : رقم واپس دینا : (noun) money returned to a payer.

3 of 3) Refund, Repayment : واپس ادائی : (noun) the act of returning money received previously.

Useful Words

Bond : بانڈ , Compensate : معاوضہ دینا , Reciprocate : بات برابر کرنا , Bung : معمولی سا انعام دینا , Hock : گروی رکھوانا , Ransom : تاوان , Betrayer : رقم کے بدلے خبر دینے والا , Change : کھلا , Generosity : سخاوت , Unselfishness : بے غرضی , Regenerate : دوبارہ پیدا ہونا , Recriminate : جوابی الزام لگانا , Worthwhileness : کار آمدگی , Returnable : قابل واپسی , List : فہرست بنانا , Unanswered : جس کا صلہ نہ ملے , Revenant : مرنے کے بعد روح کی صورت میں واپس آ جانے والا , Busker : گا بجا کر پیسے مانگنا والا , Parsimoniousness : بخل , Repatriate : وہ جس کو واپس اپنے وطن لوٹا دیا جا ئے , Correctable : قابل اصلاح , Aegisthus : قدیم یونانی دیوتا , Hong Kong : ہانگ کانگ , Recall : واپس بلانا , Bring Around : یاد دلانا , Go Home : گھر جانا , Resurrect : موت کے بعد دوبارہ زندہ ہونا , Cut Back : ماضی میں جانا , Redound : پلٹ آنا , Rally : دوبارہ پچھلے مقام پر آنا , Come To : ہوش میں آنا

Useful Words Definitions

Bond: a certificate of debt (usually interest-bearing or discounted) that is issued by a government or corporation in order to raise money; the issuer is required to pay a fixed sum annually until maturity and then a fixed sum to repay the principal.

Compensate: do or give something to somebody in return.

Reciprocate: act, feel, or give mutually or in return.

Bung: give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the compensation agreed on.

Hock: leave as a guarantee in return for money.

Ransom: money demanded for the return of a captured person.

Betrayer: one who reveals confidential information in return for money.

Change: money received in return for its equivalent in a larger denomination or a different currency.

Generosity: the trait of being willing to give your money or time.

Unselfishness: the quality of not putting yourself first but being willing to give your time or money or effort etc. for others.

Regenerate: return to life; get or give new life or energy.

Recriminate: return an accusation against someone or engage in mutual accusations; charge in return.

Worthwhileness: value sufficient to repay time or effort spent.

Returnable: that may be returned.

List: give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of.

Unanswered: not returned in kind.

Revenant: someone who has returned from the dead.

Busker: a person who entertains people for money in public places (as by singing or dancing), usually while asking for money.

Parsimoniousness: extreme care in spending money; reluctance to spend money unnecessarily.

Repatriate: a person who has returned to the country of origin or whose citizenship has been restored.

Correctable: capable of being returned to the original condition; not necessarily permanent.

Aegisthus: (Greek mythology) the seducer of Clytemnestra and murderer of Agamemnon who usurped the throne of Mycenae until Agamemnon`s son Orestes returned home and killed him.

Hong Kong: formerly a Crown Colony on the coast of southern China in Guangdong province; leased by China to Britain in 1842 and returned in 1997; one of the world`s leading commercial centers.

Recall: a call to return.

Bring Around: return to consciousness.

Go Home: return home.

Resurrect: return from the dead.

Cut Back: return in time.

Redound: return or recoil.

Rally: return to a former condition.

Come To: return to consciousness.

Related Words

Defrayal : ادائی خرچ , Payment : ادائیگی , Pay : سزا بھگتنا , Reimburse : واپس ادا کرنا