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Rental meaning in Urdu

Rental Sentences

Rental agreement.
A rental car.

Rental Synonyms


Rental Definitions

1 of 4) Rental, Lease, Letting : پٹا, اجارہ : (noun) property that is leased or rented out or let.

2 of 4) Rental : کرایہ پر خالی : (adjective) available to rent or lease.

3 of 4) Rental, Renting : کرایہ داری سے متعلق : (noun) the act of paying for the use of something (as an apartment or house or car).

4 of 4) Rental : کرایہ داری سے متعلق : (adjective) of or relating to rent.

Rental charges.

Useful Words

Charter : کرائے پر لینا , Car Rental : کرائے کی گاڑی , Rentable : کرائے پر چڑہائے جانے کے قابل , Sublease : پٹے پر پٹہ , Demise : وصیت کرنا , Lease Giver : ٹھیکے پر دینے والا , Penny Pincher : کنجوس , Lodging House : وہ مکان جہاں کے کمرے کرایہ پر ہوں , Petcock : تیل نکالنے والی ڈرم کی چھوٹی سی ٹونٹی , Tenant : قابض , Trailer Camp : گاڑی خانہ , Actual Eviction : کرایہ دار کی بیدخلی , Hong Kong : ہانگ کانگ , Malleability : صورت پذیری , Chattel : منقولہ جائداد , Trespass : بے جا مداخلت کرنا , Abandonment : جائیداد سے دست برداری , Communisation : قومی ملکیت میں لینا , Estate : جائیداد , Adiposeness : موٹاپا , Endlessness : دوام , Huskiness : بھدا پن , Flavorlessness : بد مذاقی , Multiplicity : زیادتی , Handedness : ایک ہاتھ کو دوسرے ہاتھ کی نسبت زیادہ استعمال کرنے کا رجحان , Calefaction : حرارت پہنچانے کا عمل , Cleverness : چالاکی , Speechlessness : گونگا پن , Absorbency : جذب کرنے کی صلاحیت , Acidity : تیزابیت , Leanness : فالتو پن

Useful Words Definitions

Charter: hold under a lease or rental agreement; of goods and services.

Car Rental: a rented car.

Rentable: that is able or fit be rented.

Sublease: a lease from one lessee to another.

Demise: transfer by a lease or by a will.

Lease Giver: someone who grants a lease.

Penny Pincher: someone who is excessively careful with money (who pinches every penny before letting go of it).

Lodging House: a house where rooms are rented.

Petcock: regulator consisting of a small cock or faucet or valve for letting out air or releasing compression or draining.

Tenant: a holder of buildings or lands by any kind of title (as ownership or lease).

Trailer Camp: a camp where space for house trailers can be rented; utilities are generally provided.

Actual Eviction: the physical ouster of a tenant from the leased premises; the tenant is relieved of any further duty to pay rent.

Hong Kong: formerly a Crown Colony on the coast of southern China in Guangdong province; leased by China to Britain in 1842 and returned in 1997; one of the world`s leading commercial centers.

Malleability: the property of being physically malleable; the property of something that can be worked or hammered or shaped without breaking.

Chattel: personal as opposed to real property; any tangible movable property (furniture or domestic animals or a car etc).

Trespass: a wrongful interference with the possession of property (personal property as well as realty), or the action instituted to recover damages.

Abandonment: the voluntary surrender of property (or a right to property) without attempting to reclaim it or give it away.

Communisation: a change from private property to public property owned by the community.

Estate: everything you own; all of your assets (whether real property or personal property) and liabilities.

Adiposeness: having the property of containing fat.

Endlessness: the property of being (or seeming to be) without end.

Huskiness: the property of being big and strong.

Flavorlessness: the property of having no flavor.

Multiplicity: the property of being multiple.

Handedness: the property of using one hand more than the other.

Calefaction: the property of being warming.

Cleverness: the property of being ingenious.

Speechlessness: the property of being speechless.

Absorbency: the property of being absorbent.

Acidity: the property of being acidic.

Leanness: the property of having little body fat.

Related Words

Dealing : معاملہ , Auto : گاڑی , Belongings : ملکیت

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