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Session   Meaning in Urdu

1. Session : اجلاس : (noun) a meeting for execution of a group's functions.

It was the opening session of the legislature.

Conference, Group Discussion - a discussion among participants who have an agreed (serious) topic.

2. Session - Seance - Sitting : ملاقات : (noun) a meeting of spiritualists.

Useful Words

Capital Punishment - Death Penalty - Executing - Execution : سزائے موت : putting a condemned person to death. "I narrowly escaped the death penalty"

Function - Go - Operate - Run - Work : کام کرنا : perform as expected when applied. "The washing machine won`t go unless it`s plugged in"

Group - Grouping : گروہ : any number of entities (members) considered as a unit.

Group Meeting - Meeting : اجلاس : a formally arranged gathering. "Next year the meeting will be in Chicago"

Spiritualist - Spiritualistic : روحانیت کا قائل : of or relating to or connected with spiritualism.

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