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Spread Out meaning in Urdu

Spread Out Sentence

In 2020, the corona had spreaded out all over the world See what happens now in 2021.

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Spread Out in Detail

1 of 4) Spread Out, Diffuse, Fan Out, Spread : منتشر ہونا : (verb) move outward.

They spreaded out.

Related : Spread : distribute or disperse widely. Percolate : spread gradually.


2 of 4) Spread Out, Scatter, Spread : بکھیرنا : (verb) strew or distribute over an area.

Related : Pass On : cause be distributed. Circumfuse : spread something around something.

3 of 4) Spread Out, Disperse, Dissipate, Scatter : منتشر ہوجانا, بکھرجانا : (verb) move away from each other.

Related : Aerosolize : become dispersed as an aerosol. Break : scatter or part.

4 of 4) Spread Out, Open, Spread, Unfold : پھیلانا, کھولنا : (verb) spread out or open from a closed or folded state.

Related : Undo : cancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect. Divaricate : spread apart. Splay : spread open or apart.

Spread Out in Book Titles

A Mind Spread Out on the Ground.

Useful Words

Area, Country : علاقہ : a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography). "It was a mountainous area".

Administer, Allot, Deal, Deal Out, Dish Out, Dispense, Distribute, Dole Out, Lot, Mete Out, Parcel Out, Shell Out : دینا : administer or bestow, as in small portions. "Administer critical remarks to everyone present".

Move : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ جانا : change residence, affiliation, or place of employment. "The whole family moved to Canada".

Outward, Outwards : باہر کی سمت : toward the outside. "Move the needle further outward!".

All Over, Complete, Concluded, Ended, Over, Terminated : ختم ہونا : having come or been brought to a conclusion. "The epidemic of Corona has spread all over the world".

Straw, Strew : پھیلانا : spread by scattering (. "Straw".

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