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1 of 10) Stay, Stay Put, Stick, Stick Around : رہنا : (verb) stay put (in a certain place).

Stay in your limit.
Please stay sitting down.+ More

2 of 10) Stay : رہنا, ٹھہرنا : (noun) continuing or remaining in a place or state.

I just can`t stay with you.
They had a nice stay in Paris.+ More

3 of 10) Stay, Remain, Rest : برقرار رہنا, رہنا : (verb) stay the same; remain in a certain state.

Stay alone.

4 of 10) Stay, Arrest, Check, Halt, Hitch, Stop, Stoppage : وقفہ : (noun) the state of inactivity following an interruption.

The momentary stay enabled him to escape the blow.

5 of 10) Stay, Abide, Bide : رہنا, بسنا, قیام کرنا : (verb) dwell.

You can stay with me while you are in town.
Stay a bit longer--the day is still young.

6 of 10) Stay, Continue, Remain, Stay On : رہنا : (verb) continue in a place, position, or situation.

Stay with me for 2 weeks.
After graduation, she stayed on in Cambridge as a student adviser.

7 of 10) Stay, Delay, Detain : روکنا, روکے رکھنا : (verb) stop or halt.

Please stay the bloodshed!

8 of 10) Stay, Persist, Remain : باقی رہنا : (verb) stay behind.

The smell stayed in the room.

9 of 10) Stay, Last Out, Outride, Ride Out : برداشت کر جانا, جھیل جانا : (verb) hang on during a trial of endurance.

10 of 10) Stay, Appease, Quell : دبانا : (verb) overcome or allay.

Useful Words

Eschew : بچنا , Sion : مثالی جگہ , Outstay : زیادہ قیام کرنا , Squirmer : لڑکھڑاتا ہوا جیسے بچہ , Layover : مختصر ٹھہراو , Sleep Over : رات بھر رکنا , Avoid : احتزاز کرنا , Keep One's Distance : دور رہنا , Sojourn : کسی جگہ عارضی طور پر کچھ عرصہ رہنا , Lodge : عارضی قیام کرنا , Staysail : بادبان جو جہاز ٹھہرنے کے بعد کہول دیا جاتا ھے , Detention : بچے کو اسکول میں روک لینا , Gum Up : ایک ساتھ چپکانا , Conglutinate : باہم چپکنا , Adhere : اچھی طرح چپکنا , Keep : نظر رکھنا , All-Day Sucker : ایک قسم کی ٹافی , Backsword : ایک قسم کی چھڑی یا ڈنڈا , Candle : موم بتی , Club : چھڑی , Drumstick : ڈہول بجانےکی چھڑی , Goad : چبھانا , Stob : کھمبا , Spindle : چرخے کی ڈنڈی جس میں دھاگہ لپیٹا جاتاہے , Uphold : اوپر اٹھاۓ رکھنا , Cane : لاٹھی , Ice Lolly : لمبی آئس کریم , Walking Stick : عصا , Staff : عصا , Joss Stick : چینی اگر بتی , Matchstick : ماچس کی تیلی

Useful Words Definitions

Eschew: avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of.

Sion: an imaginary nice place considered to be perfect to stay.

Outstay: stay too long.

Squirmer: one who can't stay still (especially a child).

Layover: a brief stay in the course of a journey.

Sleep Over: stay overnight.

Avoid: stay clear from; keep away from; keep out of the way of someone or something.

Keep One's Distance: stay clear of, avoid.

Sojourn: a temporary stay (e.g., as a guest).

Lodge: be a lodger; stay temporarily.

Staysail: a fore-and-aft sail set on a stay (as between two masts).

Detention: a punishment in which a student must stay at school after others have gone home.

Gum Up: stick together as if with gum.

Conglutinate: stick together.

Adhere: stick to firmly.

Keep: stick to correctly or closely.

All-Day Sucker: hard candy on a stick.

Backsword: a stick used instead of a sword for fencing.

Candle: stick of wax with a wick in the middle.

Club: stout stick that is larger at one end.

Drumstick: a stick used for playing a drum.

Goad: stab or urge on as if with a pointed stick.

Stob: a short straight stick of wood.

Spindle: a stick or pin used to twist the yarn in spinning.

Uphold: stand up for; stick up for; of causes, principles, or ideals.

Cane: a stick that people can lean on to help them walk.

Ice Lolly: ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick.

Walking Stick: a stick carried in the hand for support in walking.

Staff: a strong rod or stick with a specialized utilitarian purpose.

Joss Stick: a slender stick of incense burned before a joss by the Chinese.

Matchstick: a short thin stick of wood used in making matches.

Related Words

Act : کام , Inaction : سستی , Countercheck : دوسرے طریقے سے جانچ پڑتال کرنا , Logjam : رکاوٹ , Sit Tight : صبر سے کام لینا , Check : ترقی روکنا , Fill : پورا ہونا , Stay Together : کسی کے ساتھ وفادار ہونا , Be : ہے , Stand : ٹہرا ہوا , Linger : مدھم پڑ جانا

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