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Stoicism meaning in Urdu

Stoicism Synonyms

Stoicism Definitions

1) Stoicism, Stolidity, Stolidness : بے حسی : (noun) an indifference to pleasure or pain.


Useful Words

Sadist : ایذا پسند , Stoic : صابرانہ , Narcotic : نشہ آور دوا , Brufen : درد کی دوا , Bask : محظوظ ہونا , Aloofness : دوری , Unwelcome : جس کے آنے سے خوشی نہ ہو , Shrug : بے اطمینانی کا اظہار کرتے ہوۓ کندھے اچکانا , Alien : دور کر دینا , Intermittent Claudication : وقفہ دار عرج ٹانگوں میں خون کی سپلائی میں خلل کیوجہ سے لنگڑانا , Caflam : درد کی دوا , Anguished : تکلیف میں مبتلا , Rosemary : اکلیل کوہستانی , Enjoy : پسند ہونا , Killjoy : بدمزگی پھیلانے والا , Delectation : لطف اندوزی کا عمل , Holidaymaker : سیاح , Excursion : تفریحی سفر کرنا , Epicurean : لذیذ , Gladfulness : خوشی , Boating : کشتی میں بحری سفر , Enjoyable : پرلطف , Pleasantness : خوش نمائی , Heartwarming : پر مسرت , Delight : خوش کرنا , Attracter : کشش کا باعث , Jaunt : سیر کرنا , Pleasing : اطمینان بخشنا , Cruise : بحری سفر , Corinthian : وہ جس کا دماغ تفری میں لگتا ہو , Liking : رغبت

Useful Words Definitions

Sadist: someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain or others.

Stoic: seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive.

Narcotic: a drug that produces numbness or stupor; often taken for pleasure or to reduce pain; extensive use can lead to addiction.

Brufen: A pharmaceutical drug which is used to treat pain such as headache, migraine, dental pain, frozen shoulder and other mild pain.

Bask: derive or receive pleasure from; get enjoyment from; take pleasure in.

Aloofness: indifference by personal withdrawal.

Unwelcome: not welcome; not giving pleasure or received with pleasure.

Shrug: raise one's shoulders to indicate indifference or resignation.

Alien: arouse hostility or indifference in where there had formerly been love, affection, or friendliness.

Intermittent Claudication: lameness due to pain in leg muscles because the blood supply is inadequate; pain subsides with rest.

Caflam: A tablet which is used to treat pain, swelling, muscle aches, backaches and dental pain etc.

Anguished: experiencing intense pain especially mental pain.

Rosemary: widely cultivated for its fragrant grey-green leaves used in cooking and in perfumery

Benefits of rosemary oil : Good for brain function, improves hair growth, helps in relieving pain, fights against bugs, good for stress, can increase circulation, energizes body, helps in reducing joint pain..

Enjoy: get pleasure from.

Killjoy: someone who spoils the pleasure of others.

Delectation: act of receiving pleasure from something.

Holidaymaker: someone who travels for pleasure.

Excursion: a journey taken for pleasure.

Epicurean: devoted to pleasure.

Gladfulness: experiencing joy and pleasure.

Boating: water travel for pleasure.

Enjoyable: affording satisfaction or pleasure.

Pleasantness: the quality of giving pleasure.

Heartwarming: causing gladness and pleasure.

Delight: give pleasure to or be pleasing to.

Attracter: a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts.

Jaunt: make a trip for pleasure.

Pleasing: giving pleasure and satisfaction.

Cruise: an ocean trip taken for pleasure.

Corinthian: a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.

Liking: a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment.

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