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تناو : Tanao Meaning in English

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1 of 3) تناو : Mental Strain Nervous Strain Strain : (noun) (psychology) nervousness resulting from mental stress.

2 of 3) پٹہوں کے تناوٴ کی معمول کی حالت تناوٴ : Tone Tonicity Tonus : (noun) the elastic tension of living muscles, arteries, etc. that facilitate response to stimuli.

3 of 3) تناو : Strain Stress : (noun) difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension.

Useful Words

ناتوانی : Weakness , آسانی سے : Comfortably , زہنی دباو : Stress , چین : Ataraxis , حربی تھکن : Battle Fatigue , اطمینان بخش : Comfortable , تھک جانا : Fag , ماہر طبیعیات ہووکی کا قانون : Hooke's Law , پریشانی : Anxiety , ذہنی بوج کم کرنا : Unbend , تھرتھری : Tremor , حواس باختہ : Dazed , تھکن : Fatigue , کثرت استعمال سے فرسودہ کر دینا : Wear , تاکید کرنا : Accent , جس پر زور نہ دیا گیا ہو : Unstressed , زور دینا : Accent , زور دے کر بولا ہوا : Accented , سکون سے : Calmly , سکون : Calm , زور یا تاکید سے متعلق : Accentual , اطمینان : Placidity , مزاحمت کرنے والا : Resistant , مشکل : Hot Seat , پائیداری : Durability , پر سکون : Composed , شوشہ : Accent , طرز کے ساتھ : Accentual , زور : Accent , تناو سے پیٹ خراب ہونا : Irritable Bowel Syndrome , تناو متوازن کرنے کا ہارمون : Adrenalin

Useful Words Definitions

Weakness: the property of lacking physical or mental strength; liability to failure under pressure or stress or strain.

Comfortably: in mental comfort; without stress.

Stress: (psychology) a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense.

Ataraxis: the absence of mental stress or anxiety.

Battle Fatigue: a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare.

Comfortable: free from stress or conducive to mental ease; having or affording peace of mind.

Fag: exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress.

Hooke's Law: (physics) the principle that (within the elastic limit) the stress applied to a solid is proportional to the strain produced.

Anxiety: (psychiatry) a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders, usually accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic.

Unbend: release from mental strain, tension, or formality.

Tremor: shaking or trembling (usually resulting from weakness or stress or disease).

Dazed: in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock.

Fatigue: temporary loss of strength and energy resulting from hard physical or mental work.

Wear: deteriorate through use or stress.

Accent: to stress, single out as important.

Unstressed: not bearing a stress or accent.

Accent: put stress on; utter with an accent.

Accented: bearing a stress or accent.

Calmly: with self-possession (especially in times of stress).

Calm: steadiness of mind under stress.

Accentual: of or pertaining to accent or stress.

Placidity: a disposition free from stress or emotion.

Resistant: able to tolerate environmental conditions or physiological stress.

Hot Seat: a difficult position where you are subjected to stress and criticism.

Durability: permanence by virtue of the power to resist stress or force.

Composed: serenely self-possessed and free from agitation especially in times of stress.

Accent: a diacritical mark used to indicate stress or placed above a vowel to indicate a special pronunciation.

Accentual: (of verse) having a metric system based on stress rather than syllables or quantity.

Accent: the relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch).

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: recurrent abdominal pain and diarrhea (often alternating with periods of constipation); often associated with emotional stress.

Adrenalin: a catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress (trade name Adrenalin); stimulates autonomic nerve action.

Related Words

علم نفسیات : Psychological Science , کھچاو : Tautness , غشی : Catatonia , کسی عضلاتی ساخت میں بڑھی ہوئی ٹون : Hypertonia

Close Words

تناو کا ہارمون : Adrenal Cortical Steroid , تناو کا ہارمون : Acth , تناو دور کرنے کی دوا : Adapin

Close Words Definitions

Adrenal Cortical Steroid: a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex or synthesized; administered as drugs they reduce swelling and decrease the body`s immune response.

Acth: a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland that stimulates the adrenal cortex.

Adapin: a tricyclic antidepressant (trade names Adapin and Sinequan) with numerous side effects (dry mouth and sedation and gastrointestinal disturbances).

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