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United Nations chief and officials condemn fighting between two forces.

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Un Definitions

1) Un, United Nations : اقوام متحدہ : (noun) an organization of independent states formed in 1945 to promote international peace and security.


Useful Words

Nato : نیٹو , Sc : سکیورٹی کونسل , Common Market : یورپی اتحاد , Imf : انٹرنیشنل مونیٹری فنڈ , Collective Security : اجتماعی سلامتی , Citizens Committee : پنچایت , Agency Security : امریکی ضمانت , Communist Party Of Kampuchea : کمبوڈیا کی عسکری تنظیم , Commonwealth : دولت مشترکہ , Hershey : امریکی سماجی کارکن , Committee For State Security : سابقہ سویت پولیس , Red Cross : صلیب احمر , British Commonwealth : برطانوی دولت مشترکہ , Hastings : امریکی معمار , Brotherhood : مزدوروں کا اتحاد , 17 November : اشتراکی انقلابی جماعت , Abu Nidal Organization : ابو ندال تنظیم , Cartel : اتحاد , Kkk : امریکا میں قائم ایک خفیہ تنظیم , Second World War : دوسری جنگ عظیم , Armistice : صلح کے لئےعارضی جنگ بندی , Cira : آئرلینڈ کی جنگجو تنظیم , General Assembly : اقوام متحدہ کی عمومی مجلس , Lieutenant Jg : نچلے درجے کا لیفٹیننٹ , Afspc : امریکی فضائی کمان , David Rittenhouse : امریکی ماہر فلکیات , Admiralty Law : بحری قانون , Arthur Ashe : ٹینس کا کھلاڑی ایش , Bill Gates : بل گیٹس , Air Force : امریکی فضائیہ , Hays : امریکی وکیل ولیم ہے

Useful Words Definitions

Nato: an international organization created in 1949 by the North Atlantic Treaty for purposes of collective security.

Sc: a permanent council of the United Nations; responsible for preserving world peace.

Common Market: an international organization of European countries formed after World War II to reduce trade barriers and increase cooperation among its members.

Imf: a United Nations agency to promote trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies.

Collective Security: a system for international peace.

Citizens Committee: a self-constituted organization to promote something.

Agency Security: a security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System.

Communist Party Of Kampuchea: a communist organization formed in Cambodia in 1970; became a terrorist organization in 1975 when it captured Phnom Penh and created a government that killed an estimated three million people; was defeated by Vietnamese troops but remained active until 1999.

Commonwealth: a world organization of autonomous states that are united in allegiance to a central power but are not subordinate to it or to one another.

Hershey: United States confectioner and philanthropist who created the model industrial town of Hershey, Pennsylvania; founded an industrial school for orphan boys (1857-1945).

Committee For State Security: formerly the predominant security police organization of Soviet Russia.

Red Cross: an international organization that cares for the sick or wounded or homeless in wartime.

British Commonwealth: an association of nations consisting of the United Kingdom and several former British colonies that are now sovereign states but still pay allegiance to the British Crown.

Hastings: United States architect who formed and important architectural firm with John Merven Carrere (1860-1929).

Brotherhood: an organization of employees formed to bargain with the employer.

17 November: a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization in Greece that is violently opposed to imperialism and capitalism and NATO and the United States; an active terrorist group during the 1980s.

Abu Nidal Organization: a Palestinian international terrorist organization that split from the PLO in 1974; has conducted terrorist attacks in 20 countries.

Cartel: a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service.

Kkk: a secret society of white Southerners in the United States; was formed in the 19th century to resist the emancipation of slaves; used terrorist tactics to suppress Black people.

Second World War: a war between the Allies (Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Iran, Iraq, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, USSR, Yugoslavia) and the Axis (Albania, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Rumania, Slovakia, Thailand) from 1939 to 1945.

Armistice: a state of peace agreed to between opponents so they can discuss peace terms.

Cira: a terrorist organization formed in Ireland in 1994 as a clandestine armed wing of Sinn Fein.

General Assembly: the supreme deliberative assembly of the United Nations.

Lieutenant Jg: an officer holding a commissioned rank in the United States Navy or United States Coast Guard; below lieutenant and above ensign.

Afspc: a command of the United States Air Force that is responsible for defending the United States through its space and intercontinental ballistic missile operations.

David Rittenhouse: United States astronomer said to have built the first telescope made in America; also the first director of the United States Mint (1732-1796).

Admiralty Law: the branch of international law that deals with territorial and international waters or with shipping or with ocean fishery etc..

Arthur Ashe: United States tennis player who was the first Black to win United States and English singles championships (1943-1993).

Bill Gates: United States computer entrepreneur whose software company made him the youngest multi-billionaire in the history of the United States (born in 1955).

Air Force: the airforce of the United States of America; the agency that defends the United States through control and exploitation of air and space.

Hays: United States lawyer and politician who formulated a production code that prescribed the moral content of United States films from 1930 to 1966 (1879-1954).

Un in Book Titles

Negotiating at the United Nations: A Practitioner`s Guide.
Peacebuilding in the United Nations: Coming into Life.

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