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Unseasonable meaning in Urdu

Unseasonable Sentences

You think my intrusion unseasonable.
A sudden unseasonable blizzard.

Unseasonable Synonyms


Unseasonable Definitions

1 of 2) Unseasonable : بے موسم : (adjective) not in keeping with (and usually undesirable for) the season.

Unseasonable bright blue weather in November.

2 of 2) Unseasonable, Ill-Timed, Untimely, Wrong : بے موقع, بے وقت, بے موسم : (satellite adjective) badly timed.

Useful Words

Seasonable : وقت اور موسم کے لحاظ سے موزوں , Lead Astray : گمراہ کرنا , Action : قانونی کارروائی , Corrected : اصلاح شدہ , Undesirable : قابل اعتراض , Undesirably : ضرورت سے زیادہ , Brush : سامنا , Bad : برا , Clamp Down : دبا دینا , Womanish : زنانہ , Backslider : پرانی غلطیاں دوہرانے والا , Alarm : گھنٹی , Claim : کچھ برا ہوجانا , Eruption : آغاز , Varment : موذی جانور , Accordant : مطابق , Disapprove : غلط سمجھنا , Containment : روک , Be Amiss : غلط سمجھنا , Misapplication : کسی چیز کا غلط استعمال , Evil : برا , Atonement : کفارہ , Inappropriate : غیر مناسب , Concealing : پوشیدگی , Cleanliness : صفائی پسندی , Record-Keeper : قلمبند کرنے والا , Notepad : لکھنے والا کاغذ , Confinement : پاپند کرنے کا عمل , Dry-Shod : خشک پاپوش والا , Eastertide : ایسٹر کا دور , Seasonally : موسم کے حساب سے

Useful Words Definitions

Seasonable: in keeping with the season.

Lead Astray: lead someone in the wrong direction or give someone wrong directions.

Action: a judicial proceeding brought by one party against another; one party prosecutes another for a wrong done or for protection of a right or for prevention of a wrong.

Corrected: having something undesirable neutralized.

Undesirable: one whose presence is undesirable.

Undesirably: in an undesirable manner.

Brush: contact with something dangerous or undesirable.

Bad: having undesirable or negative qualities.

Clamp Down: repress or suppress (something regarded as undesirable).

Womanish: having characteristics associated with women and considered undesirable in men.

Backslider: someone who lapses into previous undesirable patterns of behavior.

Alarm: a device that signals the occurrence of some undesirable event.

Claim: take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs.

Eruption: a sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition).

Varment: any usually predatory wild animal considered undesirable; e.g., coyote.

Accordant: in keeping.

Disapprove: consider bad or wrong.

Containment: the act of containing; keeping something from spreading.

Be Amiss: interpret in the wrong way.

Misapplication: wrong use or application.

Evil: morally bad or wrong.

Atonement: compensation for a wrong.

Inappropriate: not in keeping with what is correct or proper.

Concealing: the activity of keeping something secret.

Cleanliness: diligence in keeping clean.

Record-Keeper: someone responsible for keeping records.

Notepad: a pad of paper for keeping notes.

Confinement: the act of keeping something within specified bounds (by force if necessary).

Dry-Shod: having or keeping the feet or shoes dry.

Eastertide: the Easter season.

Seasonally: depending on the season.

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