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Visitor meaning in Urdu

Visitor Sentence

Due to the outbreak of the global epidemic all countries had stopped visitors entering their country, but France opened the Eiffel Tower for tourists.

Visitor Synonym


Visitor Definitions

Useful Words

Guest : مہمان , Frequent : کسی جگہ بار بار آنے والا , Shopper : خریدار , House Guest : رات کو رکنے والا مہمان , Individual : شخص , Visit : کہیں جانا

Useful Words Definitions

Guest: a visitor to whom hospitality is extended.

Frequent: be a regular or frequent visitor to a certain place.

Shopper: someone who visits stores in search of articles to buy.

House Guest: a person who visits and usually stays in someone`s home overnight.

Individual: a human being.

Visit: the act of going to see some person or place or thing for a short time.

Related Words

Traveler : مسافر

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