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Woe   Meaning in Urdu

1. Woe, Suffering : افسوس : (noun) misery resulting from affliction.

Woe unto them!

Miserableness, Misery, Wretchedness - a state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune.

2. Woe, Woefulness : شدید غم : (noun) intense mournfulness.

Mournfulness, Ruthfulness, Sorrowfulness - a state of gloomy sorrow.

Affliction : آفت : a cause of great suffering and distress.

Acute, Intense : شدید : extremely sharp or intense. "Acute pain"

Misery : مصیبت : a feeling of intense unhappiness. "She was exhausted by her misery and grief"

Mournfulness, Ruthfulness, Sorrowfulness : غم گینی : a state of gloomy sorrow.

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