What The Hell Y...I Wish I Had A ...How Do I Make Y...So What Do I Do ?You Worthless Man!You Have Got FairYou Cast Doubt ...Tuck The Shirt InCast Your Sight...Bring Along YogurtWhere Do I Put ...You Are Going T...I Feel Pity On HimYou Are AmazingWho You Are Hav...If Allah WillsMake Me Drink A...Wisdom Is More ...I Had An Upset ...You Got A Marri...


نظریں نیچی رکھو

Nazrain neechi rakho


English Learning Video

Useful Words

Cast : فلمی اداکار Flmi Adakar : the actors in a play.

Down : نیچے کی طرف Neeche Ki Taraf : extending or moving from a higher to a lower place. "Cast your sight down"

Sight : نظر Nazar : a range of mental vision. "In his sight she could do no wrong"

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