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Dictated meaning in Urdu

Dictated Sentence

The dictated terms of surrender.

Dictated Synonyms

Dictated Definitions

1) Dictated, Determined, Set : تعین : (satellite adjective) determined or decided upon as by an authority.


Useful Words

Equitable : یکساں , Transcript : کسی تقریر کی تحریر , Resolved : ایک مقصد میں لگا ہوا , Component : حصہ , Contextual : سیاق و سباق سے متعلق , Positional : مقام کے متعلق , Contingent : منحصر , Titer : طاقٹ فی حجم کا معیار , Undefined : غیر معین , Ambiguity : ابہام , Ascertained : دریافت شدہ , Determinable : قابل تعین , Emotional : جذباتی , Indeterminate : غیر محدود , Chromaticity : رنگت , Linear Perspective : منظر , Windblown : ہوا کے رخ پر اگا ہوا , Refractiveness : انعطافیت , Sidereal : ستاروں کے ذریعے متعین ہونے والا , Historicism : رسم و رواج کا تاریخ کے زیر اثر ہونے کا نظریہ , Minimum Wage : کم سے کم اجرت , Capricious : من کی خواہش پر , Unnatural : غیر فطری , Judicable : قابل تعین , Sir : سر , Unauthorised : غیر مستند , Conquer : دبانا , Authentically : مصدقہ طور پر , Crush : دبانا , Disaffected : منحرف , Lordship : سرداری

Useful Words Definitions

Equitable: fair to all parties as dictated by reason and conscience.

Transcript: something that has been transcribed; a written record (usually typewritten) of dictated or recorded speech.

Resolved: determined.

Component: something determined in relation to something that includes it.

Contextual: relating to or determined by or in context.

Positional: of or relating to or determined by position.

Contingent: determined by conditions or circumstances that follow.

Titer: the concentration of a solution as determined by titration.

Undefined: not precisely limited, determined, or distinguished.

Ambiguity: an expression whose meaning cannot be determined from its context.

Ascertained: discovered or determined by scientific observation.

Determinable: capable of being determined or limited or fixed.

Emotional: determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason.

Indeterminate: not precisely determined or established; not fixed or known in advance.

Chromaticity: the quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength.

Linear Perspective: the appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer.

Windblown: used especially of trees; growing in a shape determined by the prevailing winds.

Refractiveness: the physical property of a medium as determined by its index of refraction.

Sidereal: (of divisions of time) determined by daily motion of the stars.

Historicism: a theory that social and cultural events are determined by history.

Minimum Wage: the lowest wage that an employer is allowed to pay; determined by contract or by law.

Capricious: determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason.

Unnatural: not in accordance with or determined by nature; contrary to nature.

Judicable: capable of being judged or decided.

Sir: sir is used as a respectful form of address for a man. It is often used to show deference or politeness when speaking to someone in a position of authority or as a way to show respect in formal or professional settings. "Sir" is also commonly used to address someone in a customer service or hospitality context. It is a term that denotes respect and is often used to address a person of higher social status or authority..

Unauthorised: not endowed with authority.

Conquer: to put down by force or authority.

Authentically: genuinely; with authority.

Crush: come down on or keep down by unjust use of one`s authority.

Disaffected: discontented as toward authority.

Lordship: the authority of a lord.

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