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Kam Gheray Pani Men Chalna : کم گہرے پانی میں چلنا

1. Wading : کم گہرے پانی میں چلنا : (noun) walking with your feet in shallow water.

Chalna : Walking : the act of traveling by foot. "Walking is a healthy form of exercise"

Pani : Water : a liquid necessary for the life of most animals and plants. "May I bring water for you ?"

Kam Gheray Pani..., Kam Gehra Pani : Shallow : a stretch of shallow water.

Peshab : Water : liquid excretory product. "I need to piss so bad"

Pani Dena, Aapashi Karna, Pani Daalna : Water : supply with water, as with channels or ditches or streams. "Water the fields"

Aansoun Se Bhar... : Water : fill with tears. "His eyes were watering"

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