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Mourning meaning in Urdu

Mourning Synonyms


Mourning Definitions

1 of 3) Mourning, Bereavement : مر جانے کا صدمہ, مر جانے کا غم : (noun) state of sorrow over the death or departure of a loved one.

2 of 3) Mourning, Bereaved, Bereft, Grief-Stricken, Grieving, Sorrowing : جدائی کا غم : (satellite adjective) sorrowful through loss or deprivation.

3 of 3) Mourning, Lamentation : واویلا, ماتم, کہرام : (noun) the passionate and demonstrative activity of expressing grief.

Useful Words

Brokenheartedness : رنج , Genus Zenaidura : غمگین آواز والا ایک پرندہ , Unlamented : جس کا افسوس نہ کیا جائے , Armband : بطور سوگ بازو پر باندھنے کی پٹی , Weeds : کالا ماتمی لباس , Pieta : کنواری مریم کا ایک رنگین نقش , Coronach : نوحہ , Bereaved : ایسا شخص جس کا کوئی عزیز موت کی وجہ سے بچھڑ جائے , Condolent : تعزیت , Mournfulness : غم گینی , Poignance : شدت , Sorrow : غم , Check Out : رخصتی , Darling : عزیز , Lovesickness : ہڑک , Death : وفات , Bring Back : واپس بھیجنا , Lover : عاشق , Dissident : عقیدے سے انحرافی , Fondler : پیار کرنے والا شخص , Billet Doux : پیار کا خط , Drift : دباو کی وجہ سے تبدیلی , Brokenhearted : غمگین ہونا , Dolorous : رنجیدہ , Lament : غم میں چیخنا , Aggrieve : غم ہونا , Mournful : غمگین , Adonis : یونانی دیوتا کا پسندیدہ لڑکا , Broken Heart : مایوس , Attrition : ندامت , Sad : غمگین

Useful Words Definitions

Brokenheartedness: intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death).

Genus Zenaidura: mourning doves.

Unlamented: not grieved for; causing no mourning.

Armband: worn around arm as identification or to indicate mourning.

Weeds: a black garment (dress) worn by a widow as a sign of mourning.

Pieta: a representation of the Virgin Mary mourning over the dead body of Jesus.

Coronach: a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.

Bereaved: a person who has suffered the death of someone they loved.

Condolent: expressing sympathy with a person who experienced the death of a loved one.

Mournfulness: a state of gloomy sorrow.

Poignance: a state of deeply felt distress or sorrow.

Sorrow: an emotion of great sadness associated with loss or bereavement.

Check Out: announce one's departure from a hotel.

Darling: a special loved one.

Lovesickness: a pining for a loved one.

Death: the event of dying or departure from life.

Bring Back: bring back to the point of departure.

Lover: a person who loves someone or is loved by someone.

Dissident: characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards.

Fondler: a lover who gently fondles and caresses the loved one.

Billet Doux: a personal letter to a loved one expressing affection.

Drift: the gradual departure from an intended course due to external influences (as a ship or plane).

Brokenhearted: full of sorrow.

Dolorous: showing sorrow.

Lament: a cry of sorrow and grief.

Aggrieve: cause to feel sorrow.

Mournful: expressing sorrow.

Adonis: (Greek mythology) a handsome youth loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone.

Broken Heart: devastating sorrow and despair.

Attrition: sorrow for sin arising from fear of damnation.

Sad: experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness.

Related Words

Activity : سرگرمی , Expression : اظہار , Sadness : افسردگی , Sorrowful : غمگین

Mourning in Book Titles

Death, Bereavement, And Mourning.