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Pottage meaning in Urdu

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Pottage Definitions

1 of 2) Pottage : سالن, ترکاری : (noun) a stew of vegetables and (sometimes) meat.

2 of 2) Pottage, Potage : گاڑھا سوپ : (noun) thick (often creamy) soup.

Useful Words

Ragout : چٹ پٹا سالن , Potpie : گوشت اور ترکاریوں کا ایک مرکب , Pot-Au-Feu : بکرے کے گوشت کے دم پخت , Hot Pot : آلو گوشت , Liquor : رس , Egg Roll : انڈے والا رول , Stew : آب گوشت , Broth : شوربا , Adobo : میکسیکو کا ایک کھانا , Fritter : پکوڑا , Biriani : بریانی , Samosa : سموسہ , Well-Done : اچھی طرح سے پکایا ہوا , Matelote : شراب میں پکا ہوا مچھلی کا سالن , Blanch : ذرا سا پکانا , Kitchen Garden : چھوٹا باغ جہاں پھل اور سبزیوں لگائی جاسکتی ہوں , Peeler : چھلکہ اتارنے والا آلہ , Minestrone : اطالیہ کی یخنی , Truck Farm : کھیت جو بازار میں بکنے والی سبزیاں اگانے کے لیے وقف ہو , Pickle : اچار , Greengrocer : سبزی , Market Garden : وہ مقام جہاں منڈی کے لیے سبزیاں اگائی ہوں , Peeler : چھلکہ اتارنے والا , Macedoine : سلاد , Moo Goo Gai Pan : مرغی کی ڈیش جو سبزی اور چربی ڈال کر پکائی جاتی ہے , Green : سبزہ زار , Tempura : سمندری غذا اور خوب تلی ہوئی سبزیوں پر مشتمل کھانا , Grater : کدوکش , Aphis : جوں , Croquette : کوفتے , Chutney : چٹنی

Useful Words Definitions

Ragout: well-seasoned stew of meat and vegetables.

Potpie: deep-dish meat and vegetable pie or a meat stew with dumplings.

Pot-Au-Feu: traditional French stew of vegetables and beef.

Hot Pot: a stew of meat and potatoes cooked in a tightly covered pot.

Liquor: the liquid in which vegetables or meat have be cooked.

Egg Roll: minced vegetables and meat wrapped in a pancake and fried.

Stew: food prepared by stewing especially meat or fish with vegetables.

Broth: liquid in which meat and vegetables are simmered; used as a basis for e.g. soups or sauces.

Adobo: a dish of marinated vegetables and meat or fish; served with rice.

Fritter: small quantity of fried batter containing fruit or meat or vegetables.

Biriani: an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat or fish or vegetables.

Samosa: small turnover of Indian origin filled with vegetables or meat and fried and served hot.

Well-Done: (meat) cooked until there is no pink meat left inside.

Matelote: highly seasoned soup or stew made of freshwater fishes (eel, carp, perch) with wine and stock.

Blanch: cook (vegetables) briefly.

Kitchen Garden: a small garden where vegetables are grown.

Peeler: a device for peeling vegetables or fruits.

Minestrone: soup made with a variety of vegetables.

Truck Farm: a farm where vegetables are grown for market.

Pickle: vegetables (especially cucumbers) preserved in brine or vinegar.

Greengrocer: a grocer who sells fresh fruits and vegetables.

Market Garden: a garden where fruit and vegetables are grown for marketing.

Peeler: a worker who peels the skins from fruits and vegetables.

Macedoine: mixed diced fruits or vegetables; hot or cold.

Moo Goo Gai Pan: a Cantonese dish of chicken and sauteed vegetables.

Green: any of various leafy plants or their leaves and stems eaten as vegetables.

Tempura: vegetables and seafood dipped in batter and deep-fried.

Grater: utensil with sharp perforations for shredding foods (as vegetables or cheese).

Aphis: type genus of the Aphididae: injurious to fruit trees and vegetables.

Croquette: minced cooked meats (or vegetables) in thick white sauce; breaded and deep-fried.

Chutney: a spicy condiment made of chopped fruits or vegetables cooked in vinegar and sugar with ginger and spices.

Related Words

Soup : شوربہ

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