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Prostitution meaning in Urdu

Prostitution Synonyms

Prostitution Definitions

1) Prostitution, Harlotry, Whoredom : طوائفیت, جسم فروشی, زنا کی دعوت دینا : (noun) offering sexual intercourse for pay.

Useful Words

Unaccommodating : نامدد گار , Festal : مستی بھرا , Leaving Salah : نماز چھوڑنے کا عمل , Offer : پیش کرنا , Black : تاریک , Apologetic : معذرت خواہانہ , Immolation : قربانی , Praise : حمد و ثنا , Supply : مہیا کرنا , Testimony : گواہی , Correction : تصحیح , Defeatist : منفی سوچ والا , Discount House : سستی دکان , Rebuttal : دعوی , Confuter : دلیل دے کر غلط ثابت کرنے والا , Bribery : رشوت , Community College : سماجی کالج , Special : خاص , Multiple-Choice : کثیر انتخابی , Penthouse : رہنے کی جگہ , Privy Council : ذاتی مشیروں کی منتخب جماعت , Intercourse : باہمی ربط , Offer : بیچنے کے لیے پیش کرنا , Pay : سزا بھگتنا

Useful Words Definitions

Unaccommodating: offering no assistance.

Festal: offering fun and gaiety.

Leaving Salah: the act of not offering prayer.

Offer: the verbal act of offering.

Black: offering little or no hope.

Apologetic: offering or expressing apology.

Immolation: killing or offering as a sacrifice.

Praise: offering words of homage as an act of worship.

Supply: offering goods and services for sale.

Testimony: an assertion offering firsthand authentication of a fact.

Correction: the act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right.

Defeatist: someone who is resigned to defeat without offering positive suggestions.

Discount House: a sales outlet offering goods at a discounted price.

Rebuttal: the speech act of refuting by offering a contrary contention or argument.

Confuter: a debater who refutes or disproves by offering contrary evidence or argument.

Bribery: the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage.

Community College: a nonresidential junior college offering a curriculum fitted to the needs of the community.

Special: a special offering (usually temporary and at a reduced price) that is featured in advertising.

Multiple-Choice: offering several alternative answers from which the correct one is to be chosen; or consisting of such questions.

Penthouse: a luxurious apartment or living space that is situated on the top floor or roof of a building, often offering scenic views. Penthouse apartments are known for their exclusivity, spaciousness, and high-end amenities..

Privy Council: The Privy Council (especially to the British Crown) is a formal advisory body to a monarch or head of state, often composed of senior government officials or advisors, offering counsel on important matters of governance and policy.

Intercourse: communication between individuals.

Offer: something offered (as a proposal or bid).

Pay: bear (a cost or penalty), in recompense for some action.

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