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اروی وزن کم کرنے کے لئے اچھی ہے

Arvi wazan kam karnay kay liay achi hai

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Useful Words

Good : اچھا Acha : (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good` is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well`). "You did well"

Loss : نقصان Nuqsaan : something that is lost. "What is your loss?"

Taro : اروی Arvi : edible starchy tuberous root of taro plants. "Taro root is a great source of vitamins, magnesium and potassium"

Weight : وزن Wazan : the vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity. "Keep losing your weight"

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