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Hoydenism : لڑکیوں کی کسرت , Pregnanediol : پروجیسٹرون سے بولی اخراج پروڈکٹ , Misogynism : عورت سے نفرت , Blouse : کرتی , Philogyny : زن پسندی , Undies : عورتوں کا زیر جامہ , Hen Party : عورتوں کی تقریب , Intimate Apparel : عورتوں کے رات کے سونے کا لباس , Midwifery : دایہ گری , Misogynist : عورت سے نفرت کرنے والا , Bloomers : زیر جامہ , Coeducation : مخلوط تعلیم , Barrette : عورتوں کے بال باندھنے کا کلپ , Housecoat : عورت کا ڈھیلا ڈھالا لباس , Camisole : شمیض , Woman's Clothing : عورت کا لباس , Marriageable : شادی کے قابل عورت , Pompadour : عورت کے بالوں کی بناوٹ , Kirtle : عورتوں کا چوغا , Female : عورت , Hat Shop : زنانہ ٹوپیوں کی دکان , Crew : جہاز کا عملہ , Womanish : زنانہ , Spike : ہیل , Antifeminism : مرد کی بالادستی , Yashmac : وہ کپڑا جسے مسلمان خواتین چہرہ ڈھانپنے کے لئے استعمال کرتی ہیں , Emancipate : برابر حقوق دینا , Blowsy : پہوہڑ پن سے , Feminism : وہ تحریک جس کا مقصد عورتوں کو برابری کا حق دینا ہو , Boutique : ملبوسات فروخت کرنے کی جگہ , Female Bonding : عورتوں کے درمیان قریبی تعلقات

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Hoydenism: masculinity in women (especially in girls and young women).

Pregnanediol: a compound found in women's urine during certain phases of the menstrual cycle and in the urine of pregnant women.

Misogynism: hatred of women.

Blouse: a top worn by women.

Philogyny: admiration for women.

Undies: women's underwear.

Hen Party: a party for women only.

Intimate Apparel: women`s underwear and nightclothes.

Midwifery: assisting women at childbirth.

Misogynist: a misanthrope who dislikes women in particular.

Bloomers: underpants worn by women.

Coeducation: education of men and women in the same institutions.

Barrette: a pin for holding women's hair in place.

Housecoat: a loose dressing gown for women.

Camisole: a short sleeveless undergarment for women.

Woman's Clothing: clothing that is designed for women to wear.

Marriageable: of girls or women who are eligible to marry.

Pompadour: style women's hair in a pompadour.

Kirtle: a long dress worn by women.

Female: for or pertaining to or composed of women or girls.

Hat Shop: shop selling women`s hats.

Crew: the men and women who man a vehicle (ship, aircraft, etc.).

Womanish: having characteristics associated with women and considered undesirable in men.

Spike: a very high narrow heel on women's shoes.

Antifeminism: activity indicative of belief in the superiority of men over women.

Yashmac: the face veil worn by Muslim women.

Emancipate: give equal rights to; of women and minorities.

Blowsy: characteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern; used especially of women.

Feminism: the movement aimed at equal rights for women.

Boutique: a shop that sells women's clothes and jewelry.

Female Bonding: the formation of a close personal relationship between women.

Related Words

Crusader : اصلاح پسند , Suffragette : عورت کے حق رائے دہی کی حمایتی عورت

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