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Feminist   Meaning in Urdu

1. Feminist - Libber - Women's Liberationist - Women's Rightist : عورت مرد کی برابری کا حامی : (noun) a supporter of feminism.

He tells me that he is a feminist because he sees me as his equal.

Feminism, Feminist Movement, Women's Lib, Women's Liberation Movement - the movement aimed at equal rights for women.

Feminist in Book Titles

Feminist Theories for Dramatic Criticism.
Introduction to Feminist Jurisprudence.
Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories.

Useful Words

Feminism : عورتوں کو مساوی حق دینے والا نظریہ : a doctrine that advocates equal rights for women.

Admirer - Booster - Champion - Friend - Protagonist - Supporter : مداح : a person who backs a politician or a team etc.. "All their supporters came out for the game"

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