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Gaolbird meaning in Urdu

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1) Gaolbird, Jail Bird, Jailbird : بار بار قید کاٹنے والا : (noun) a criminal who has been jailed repeatedly.


Useful Words

Habitual Criminal : بار بار چوری کرنے والا , Condemnation : سزا کا حکم , Hoffa : امریکی مزدور رہنما , Break : جیل توڑ کر بھاگنا , Gaol : قید کرنا , Hoosegow : جیل , Hold : قید خانہ , Ostrich : شتر مرغ , Lockup : حوالات , Con : سزایافتہ قیدی , Partridge : تیتر پرندہ , Holding Cell : حوالات , House Of Correction : دارالاصلاح , Again And Again : بار بار , Beat : بار بار مارنا , Bounce : بار بار اچھلنا , Bob : لگاتار اوپر نیچے ہونا , Grate : جلدی جلدی کھرچنا , Buff : مسلسل لگنا , Blaze : گولیاں مارنا , Harass : لگاتار حملوں زیر کرنا , Chatter : ٹھٹھرنا , Baste : باربار مارنا , Gyrate : گہومنا , Reverberant : گرج دار , Liar : جھوٹا , Stroke : ہاتھ پھیرنا , Bombard : گولہ باری کرنا , Social Drinker : شرابی , Revolving Fund : گردشی فنڈ , Criminalism : گناہ گاری

Useful Words Definitions

Habitual Criminal: someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior (especially for the same criminal behavior).

Condemnation: (criminal law) a final judgment of guilty in a criminal case and the punishment that is imposed.

Hoffa: United States labor leader who was president of the Teamsters Union; he was jailed for trying to bribe a judge and later disappeared and is assumed to have been murdered (1913-1975).

Break: an escape from jail.

Gaol: lock up or confine, in or as in a jail.

Hoosegow: informal term for a jail.

Hold: a cell in a jail or prison.

Ostrich: fast-running African flightless bird with two-toed feet; largest living bird.

Lockup: jail in a local police station.

Con: a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison.

Partridge: heavy-bodied small-winged South American game bird resembling a gallinaceous bird but related to the ratite birds.

Holding Cell: a jail in a courthouse where accused persons can be confined during a trial.

House Of Correction: (formerly) a jail or other place of detention for persons convicted of minor offences.

Again And Again: repeatedly.

Beat: hit repeatedly.

Bounce: move up and down repeatedly.

Bob: move up and down repeatedly.

Grate: scratch repeatedly.

Buff: strike, beat repeatedly.

Blaze: shoot rapidly and repeatedly.

Harass: exhaust by attacking repeatedly.

Chatter: click repeatedly or uncontrollably.

Baste: strike violently and repeatedly.

Gyrate: revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis.

Reverberant: having a tendency to reverberate or be repeatedly reflected.

Liar: a person who has lied or who lies repeatedly.

Stroke: touch lightly and repeatedly, as with brushing motions.

Bombard: cast, hurl, or throw repeatedly with some missile.

Social Drinker: someone who drinks liquor repeatedly in small quantities.

Revolving Fund: a fund which, if borrowed or used, is intended to be replenished so it may be loaned or spent repeatedly.

Criminalism: the state of being a criminal.

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Criminal : مجرم

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