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Muntaqil Karna : مُنتقِل کَرنا

2. Transfer, Transplant, Transpose : منتقل کرنا : (verb) transfer from one place or period to another.

3. Carry Over : منتقل کرنا : (verb) transport from one place or state to another.

4. Get Off, Send, Send Off : منتقل کرنا : (verb) transfer.

5. Bring In : منتقل کرنا : (verb) transmit.

Ek Jaga Se Dusr..., Kisi Cheez Ko E... : Transfer : the act of moving something from one location to another.

Asami : Place : a job in an organization. "He occupied a post in the treasury"

Jaga, Muqaam : Place : the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another. "Can you go in my stead?"

Wahid, Ek : One : a single person or thing. "Do I say one thing if you don`t mind ?"

Muqaam : Place : an item on a list or in a sequence. "In the second place"

Waqf Lazim : Period : a punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations. "In England they call a period a stop"

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