It Is StaleMy Shirt Got To...Tell Me If You ...Stop The Bullshit!What Was My Fau...You Get Depress...I Have Been Ins...Tell You If It ...She Finds Excus...Put On The Slip...I Have GoosebumpsIt Is Beneath H...What Is The Use...What A MessIt Has Happened...My Salwar Has B...I Thought You F...What Have You B...Drown In Shame!He Was Good


وہ مجھ سے بات کرنے کے بہانے ڈھونڈتی ہے

Wo mujh se baat karnay kay bahanay dhoondti hai

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Useful Words

Excuse : بہانہ Bahana : a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.. "Salman didn`t want to meet Farheen so he made an excuse that I got sick"

Find : اتفاقیہ مل جانا Ittefaqiyah Mil Jana : come upon, as if by accident; meet with. "We find this idea in Plato"

Me : نئے برطانیہ کی ریاست Naay Bartania Ki Riasat : a state in New England.

Talk : بات کرنا Baat Karna : exchange thoughts; talk with. "Make me talk to Imran"

یہ چِھچھورا کون ہے