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Waqfa : وقفہ

1. Break, Recess, Respite, Time Out : وقفہ : (noun) a pause from doing something (as work).

2. Arrest, Check, Halt, Hitch, Stay, Stop, Stoppage : وقفہ : (noun) the state of inactivity following an interruption.

3. Interval, Time Interval : وقفہ : (noun) a definite length of time marked off by two instants.

4. Break, Intermission, Interruption, Pause, Suspension : وقفہ - ٹھہراوٴ : (noun) a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something.

5. Caesura : وقفہ : (noun) a pause or interruption (as in a conversation).

6. Letup, Lull : وقفہ : (noun) a pause during which things are calm or activities are diminished.

7. Lapse : وقفہ : (noun) a break or intermission in the occurrence of something.

Halat : State : the way something is with respect to its main attributes. "Narrate me the state of your heart"

Taaqub : Following : the act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture. "The culprit started to run and the cop took off in pursuit"

Khalal, Rukawat : Interruption : an act of delaying or interrupting the continuity. "It was presented without commercial breaks"

Kam : Work : activity directed toward making or doing something. "Work done or not?"

Kam Karnay Ki Jaga : Work : a place where work is done. "He arrived at work early today"

Be Amli : Inactivity : a disposition to remain inactive or inert. "He had to overcome his inertia and get back to work"

Rukawat, Khalal : Interruption : some abrupt occurrence that interrupts an ongoing activity. "Apply the breaks"

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