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1 of 6) Clump, Bunch, Cluster, Clustering : ایک جیسی چیزوں کا گروہ, جھنڈ, خوشہ : (noun) a grouping of a number of similar things.

2 of 6) Clump, Ball, Chunk, Clod, Glob, Lump : ٹکڑا, گلٹی, ڈھیر : (noun) a compact mass of any thing.

3 of 6) Clump, Cluster, Constellate, Flock : جمع ہونا : (verb) come together as in a cluster or flock.

4 of 6) Clump, Clunk, Thud, Thump, Thumping : وزنی شے گرنے کی آواز, دھمک : (noun) a heavy dull sound (as made by impact of heavy objects).

6 of 6) Clump, Bunch, Bunch Up, Bundle, Cluster : جمع کرنا, یکجا کرنا : (verb) gather or cause to gather into a cluster.

Useful Words

Agglutinate : آپس میں مل جانا , Saw Palmetto : جنوبی امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا کانٹوں سے بھرا ایک پودا یا درخت , Funka : سبز سفید پودا , Hoofed Mammal : کھر والے جانور , Bunch : جمع ہونا , Tuft : گچھا , Tassel : جھالر , 99 : نینانوے , Compositional : ترتیبی , 44 : چوالیس , Collocation : ترتیب الفاظ , Phrasing : لفظ سازی , Straggle : بکھرے بکھرے ہونا , Arrangement : ترتیب دینے کا عمل , Abundance : ایٹم کا تناسب , Batting Average : بیٹنگ اوسط , 0 : صفر , 149 : ایک سو اننچاس , 69 : انہتر , 150 : ایک سو پچاس , 2 : دو , 1 : ایک , Accuracy : درستگی , Augend : وہ عدد جس پر کسی اور عدد کا اضافہ کیا گیا ہو , Square Root : خود تقسیمی کا حامل عدد , Addend : مضاف , Chance : امکان , Heteroploid : کروموسومز کا عدم توازن , Blood Profile : خون کی مکمل گنتی , 48 : اڑتالیس , Agglutination Test : خون کی جانچ

Useful Words Definitions

Agglutinate: clump together; as of bacteria, red blood cells, etc..

Saw Palmetto: small hardy clump-forming spiny palm of southern United States.

Funka: robust east Asian clump-forming perennial herbs having racemose flowers: plantain lilies; sometimes placed in family Hostaceae.

Hoofed Mammal: any of a number of mammals with hooves that are superficially similar but not necessarily closely related taxonomically.

Bunch: form into a bunch.

Tuft: a bunch of hair or feathers or growing grass.

Tassel: adornment consisting of a bunch of cords fastened at one end.

99: The number 99 is a natural number that comes after 98 and before 100. It is composed of two nines, making it a double-digit number.

Compositional: arranging or grouping.

44: The number 44 is a natural number that comes after 43 and before 45. It is composed of two fours, making it a two-digit number.

Collocation: a grouping of words in a sentence.

Phrasing: the grouping of musical phrases in a melodic line.

Straggle: a wandering or disorderly grouping (of things or persons).

Arrangement: an orderly grouping (of things or persons) considered as a unit; the result of arranging.

Abundance: (physics) the ratio of the number of atoms of a specific isotope of an element to the total number of isotopes present.

Batting Average: (baseball) a measure of a batter`s performance; the number of base hits divided by the number of official times at bat.

0: a mathematical element that when added to another number yields the same number.

149: The number 149 is a three-digit natural number that comes after 148 and before 150. It is composed of the digits 1, 4, and 9.

69: The number 69 is a two-digit natural number that comes after 68 and before 70. It is composed of the digits 6 and 9.

150: The number 150 is a three-digit natural number that comes after 149 and before 151. It is composed of the digits 1, 5, and 0.

2: the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number.

1: the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number.

Accuracy: (mathematics) the number of significant figures given in a number.

Augend: a number to which another number (the addend) is added.

Square Root: a number that when multiplied by itself equals a given number.

Addend: a number that is added to another number (the augend).

Chance: a measure of how likely it is that some event will occur; a number expressing the ratio of favorable cases to the whole number of cases possible.

Heteroploid: (genetics) an organism or cell having a chromosome number that is not an even multiple of the haploid chromosome number for that species.

Blood Profile: counting the number of white and red blood cells and the number of platelets in 1 cubic millimeter of blood. A CBC is a routine test used for various medical purposes, including general health screenings, diagnosing medical conditions, and monitoring ongoing treatments..

48: being eight more than 40. The number 48 is a natural number that comes after 47 and before 49.

Agglutination Test: a blood test used to identify unknown antigens; blood with the unknown antigen is mixed with a known antibody and whether or not agglutination occurs helps to identify the antigen; used in tissue matching and blood grouping and diagnosis of infections.

Related Words

Clot : نرم اور منجمد سیال , Agglomeration : ڈھیر , Clew : ڈوری کا گولا , Assemble : اکٹھا ہونا

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