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1. Clump, Bunch, Cluster, Clustering : ایک جیسی چیزوں کا گروہ - جھنڈ : (Noun) A grouping of a number of similar things.

A bunch of trees.
A cluster of admirers.

Agglomeration - a jumbled collection or mass.

2. Clump, Ball, Chunk, Clod, Glob, Lump : ٹکڑا - گلٹی : (Noun) A compact mass of any thing.

A ball of mud caught her on the shoulder.

Clot, Coagulum - a lump of material formed from the content of a liquid.

3. Clump, Cluster, Constellate, Flock : جمع ہونا : (Verb) Come together as in a cluster or flock.

The poets constellate in this town every summer.

Bunch, Bunch Together, Bunch Up - form into a bunch.

4. Clump, Clunk, Thud, Thump, Thumping : وزنی شے گرنے کی آواز - دھمک : (Noun) A heavy dull sound (as made by impact of heavy objects).

5. Clump, Clomp : بہک کر چلنا - بے ڈھنگے پن سے چلنا : (Verb) Walk clumsily.

6. Clump, Bunch, Bunch Up, Bundle, Cluster : جمع کرنا - یکجا کرنا : (Verb) Gather or cause to gather into a cluster.

She bunched her fingers into a fist.

Any, Whatever, Whatsoever - جو بھی - one or some or every or all without specification; "Whatsoever happens".

Compact, Powder Compact - چھوٹا شیشہ - a small cosmetics case with a mirror; to be carried in a woman's purse.

Group, Grouping - گروہ - any number of entities (members) considered as a unit.

Mass - مادہ - the property of a body that causes it to have weight in a gravitational field.

Figure, Number - عدد - the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals; "he had a number of chores to do".

Like, Similar - ایک جیسا - resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination; "suits of like design".

Thing - چیز - a separate and self-contained entity.