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Cocktail meaning in Urdu

Cocktail Definitions

1 of 2) Cocktail : پھلوں کا مشروب : (noun) a short mixed drink.


2 of 2) Cocktail : بھوک بڑھانے کا مشروب : (noun) an appetizer served as a first course at a meal.

Useful Words

Sour : کھٹا , Screwdriver : سنگترے کے رس اور ووڈکا کا مخلوط آمیزہ , Bullshot : ایک جام , Buck's Fizz : شراب اور کینو کا جوس , Hot Toddy : شربت , Rickey : سکنجبین شراب , Chaser : ایک کے بعد دوبارہ پی جانے والی شراب , Ladino : دو نسلوں والا , Mestiza : دو نسلوں والی عورت , Abies Fraseri : چھوٹا صنوبر , Chunky : پست قد اور موٹا , Howitzer : چھوٹی توپ , Badger Dog : لمبے جسم اور چھوٹی ٹانگوں والا کتا , Unadulterated : بلا ملاوٹ , Cut : پانی ملا , Adulterate : غیر خالص , Mingle : شریک ہونا , Belt Down : پورا پی جانا , Hybrid : ملاپ , Plain : خالص , Oenomel : شراب اور شہد , Cur : آوارہ کتا , Ambivalence : دو جذبیت , Thirst : پانی کی پیاس لگنا , Refresher : تازگی بخشنے والا مشروب , Thirst : پیاس , Sip : چسکی , Sottishness : شرابی پن , Drench : زبردستی پلانا , Miscible : قابل آمیزش , Pathetic : افسوس ناک

Useful Words Definitions

Sour: a cocktail made of a liquor (especially whiskey or gin) mixed with lemon or lime juice and sugar.

Screwdriver: a cocktail made with vodka and orange juice.

Bullshot: a cocktail made with vodka and beef bouillon or consomme.

Buck's Fizz: a mixed drink containing champagne and orange juice.

Hot Toddy: a mixed drink made of liquor and water with sugar and spices and served hot.

Rickey: a mixed drink made of sweetened lime juice and soda water usually with liquor.

Chaser: a drink to follow immediately after another drink.

Ladino: a person of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry).

Mestiza: a woman of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry).

Abies Fraseri: small fast-growing but short-lived fir of southern Alleghenies similar to balsam fir but with very short leaves.

Chunky: short and thick; as e.g. having short legs and heavy musculature.

Howitzer: a muzzle-loading high-angle gun with a short barrel that fires shells at high elevations for a short range.

Badger Dog: small long-bodied short-legged German breed of dog having a short sleek coat and long drooping ears; suited for following game into burrows.

Unadulterated: not mixed with impurities.

Cut: mixed with water.

Adulterate: mixed with impurities.

Mingle: get involved or mixed-up with.

Belt Down: drink down entirely.

Hybrid: a composite of mixed origin.

Plain: not mixed with extraneous elements.

Oenomel: wine mixed with honey.

Cur: an inferior dog or one of mixed breed.

Ambivalence: mixed feelings or emotions.

Thirst: feel the need to drink.

Refresher: a drink that refreshes.

Thirst: a physiological need to drink.

Sip: a small drink.

Sottishness: stupefaction from drink.

Drench: force to drink.

Miscible: (chemistry, physics) capable of being mixed.

Pathetic: inspiring mixed contempt and pity.

Related Words

Appetiser : بھوک آور

Close Words

Cocktail Dress : جو خاص موقعوں پر پہنا جاتا ہے , Cocktail Table : کافی کی میز

Close Words Definitions

Cocktail Dress: a dress suitable for formal occasions.

Cocktail Table: low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served.

Cocktail in Book Titles

The Aviary Cocktail Book.
Cafe Royal Cocktail Book.
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