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قانُونی طریقہ کار سے ہَٹ کر : Qanooni Tariqa Kar Se Hat Kar Meaning in English

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Qanooni Tariqa Kar Se Hat Kar in Detail

1) قانونی طریقہ کار سے ہٹ کر : Extrajudicial : (satellite adjective) beyond the usual course of legal proceedings; legally unwarranted.

Related : Illegal : prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules.

Useful Words

مقدمہ لڑنا : Litigate : engage in legal proceedings.

فریق : Party : a person involved in legal proceedings. "The party of the first part".

دو شادیاں کرنے سے متعلق : Bigamous : of illegal marriage to a second person while legally married to a first.

دعوی کرنا : Action, Litigate, Process, Sue : institute legal proceedings against; file a suit against. "He was warned that the district attorney would process him".

مقدمہ چلانے کا عمل : Criminal Prosecution, Prosecution : the institution and conduct of legal proceedings against a defendant for criminal behavior. "Prosecution in criminal justice system".

شکوہ : Grievance : an allegation that something imposes an illegal obligation or denies some legal right or causes injustice. "He has grievance with her".

غیر ضروری : Gratuitous, Needless, Uncalled-For : unnecessary and unwarranted. "A strikers' tent campwas burned with needless loss of life".

ناجائز طور پر : Unwarrantably : in an unwarrantable manner or to an unwarranted degree. "In this painting, the relationship of the upper part of the body to the lower is uneasy and the right thigh seems unwarrantably stressed".

آمرانہ : Autocratic, Bossy, Dominating, High-And-Mighty, Magisterial, Peremptory : offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power. "An autocratic person".

مغرور : Arrogant, Chesty, Self-Important : having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride. "She is an arrogant girl in my class".

مقدمہ لڑنے کا عمل : Judicial Proceeding, Litigation : a legal proceeding in a court; a judicial contest to determine and enforce legal rights.

فریق مقدمہ کا بیان : Pleading : (law) a statement in legal and logical form stating something on behalf of a party to a legal proceeding.

دستاویز انتقال : Deed, Deed Of Conveyance, Title : a legal document signed and sealed and delivered to effect a transfer of property and to show the legal right to possess it. "I signed the deed of conveyance at the office".

درخواست گزار : Solicitor : a British lawyer who gives legal advice and prepares legal documents. "When Ali was accused falsely of a crime in London and imprisoned then he called a Solicitor to bail him out".

تمام شہری حقوق سے محروم شخص : Attainder, Civil Death : the legal status of a person who is alive but who has been deprived of the rights and privileges of a citizen or a member of society; the legal status of one sentenced to life imprisonment.

عادت کے مطابق : As Usual : in the usual manner. "As usual, she arrived late".

غیر معمولی : Unaccustomed : not customary or usual. "An unaccustomed pleasure".

مزاج : Disposition, Temperament : your usual mood. "He has good temperament".

انوکھا : Peculiar : markedly different from the usual. "A peculiar hobby of stuffing and mounting bats".

دیر سے : Belatedly, Late, Tardily : later than usual or than expected. "I`ll be late tomorrow morning".

نمایاں : Extraordinary, Over-The-Top, Sinful : far more than usual or expected. "An extraordinary desire for approval".

جائز : Valid : still legally acceptable. "The license is still valid".

حقدار : Rightful : legally valid. "A rightful inheritance".

عجیب : Curious, Funny, Odd, Peculiar, Queer, Rum, Rummy, Singular : beyond or deviating from the usual or expected. "It seems odd to meet like this".

جائز : Lawful, Rightful, True : having a legally established claim. "The legitimate heir".

طلاق یافتہ : Divorced : of someone whose marriage has been legally dissolved.

تجاوز کرنا : Encroach, Impinge, Infringe : advance beyond the usual limit.

قابل انتقال : Assignable, Conveyable, Negotiable, Transferable, Transferrable : legally transferable to the ownership of another. "Negotiable bonds".

عام رستے کے مقابلے میں چھوٹا راستہ : Crosscut, Cutoff, Shortcut : a route shorter than the usual one.

گھر سے دور : Abroad, Afield : far away from home or one's usual surroundings. "Looking afield for new lands to conquer".

نہایت : Exceeding, Exceptional, Olympian, Prodigious, Surpassing : far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree. "A night of exceeding darkness".

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