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Incest meaning in Urdu

Incest Definitions

1) Incest : زنائے محرم, خونی رشتہ داروں کا آپس میں جنسی تعلق : (noun) sexual intercourse between persons too closely related to marry (as between a parent and a child).

Useful Words

Adoption : گود لینے کا عمل , Foster Parent : رضاعی ماں باپ , Folie A Deux : نفسی عارضہ جو دو قریبی افراد پر اثرانداز ہوتا ہے , Next Of Kin : قریب ترین رشتہ دار , Foster Mother : منہ بولی ماں , Direct : آبائی , Bonding : تعلق , Emancipation : رہائی , Side By Side : ساتھ ساتھ , Affined : وابستہ , Adenota Vardoni : افریقی بڑا ہرن , Afrikaans : جنوبی افریقہ کی سرکاری زبان , Tadzhik : فارسی جیسی زبان , Hoofed Mammal : کھر والے جانور , Curlew : مرغابی , Herb Paris : زہریلی بوٹی , Canis Aureus : گيدڑ , Urdu : پاکستان کی قومی زبان اردو , Clink : جیل , Arabidopsis : ایک قسم کا رائی کا سفوف کی طرز کا پودا پیلے اور اودے پھول والا , Catena : سلسلہ متواصل , Hobby : لکڑی کا جھولنے والا گھوڑا , Adopter : لے پالو , Declare Oneself : شادی کا پیغام دینا , Remarry : پھر سے شادی کرنا , Godmother : بچے کی کفالت کی ذمہ داری قبول کرنے والی عورت , Wive : کسی عورت سے شادی کرنا , Betrothal : منگنی , Marriage Licence : نکاح نامہ , Miscegenate : دوسری نسل میں شادی کرنا , Marriageable : شادی کے قابل عورت

Useful Words Definitions

Adoption: a legal proceeding that creates a parent-child relation between persons not related by blood; the adopted child is entitled to all privileges belonging to a natural child of the adoptive parents (including the right to inherit).

Foster Parent: a person who acts as parent and guardian for a child in place of the child's natural parents but without legally adopting the child.

Folie A Deux: the simultaneous occurrence of symptoms of a mental disorder (as delusions) in two persons who are closely related (as siblings or man and wife).

Next Of Kin: the person who is (or persons who are) most closely related to a given person.

Foster Mother: a woman who is a foster parent and raises another`s child.

Direct: in a straight unbroken line of descent from parent to child.

Bonding: a close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child).

Emancipation: freeing someone from the control of another; especially a parent's relinquishing authority and control over a minor child.

Side By Side: closely related or associated.

Affined: closely related.

Adenota Vardoni: an African antelope closely related to the waterbuck.

Afrikaans: an official language of the Republic of South Africa; closely related to Dutch and Flemish.

Tadzhik: the Iranian language of the Tajik that is closely related to Farsi; spoken in Iran and Tajikistan.

Hoofed Mammal: any of a number of mammals with hooves that are superficially similar but not necessarily closely related taxonomically.

Curlew: large migratory shorebirds of the sandpiper family; closely related to woodcocks but having a down-curved bill.

Herb Paris: European herb with yellow-green flowers resembling and closely related to the trilliums; reputed to be poisonous.

Canis Aureus: Old World nocturnal canine mammal closely related to the dog; smaller than a wolf; sometimes hunts in a pack but usually singly or as a member of a pair.

Urdu: the official literary language of Pakistan, closely related to Hindi; widely used in India (mostly by Moslems); written in Arabic script.

Clink: a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence).

Arabidopsis: a genus of the mustard family having white or yellow or purplish flowers; closely related to genus Arabis.

Catena: a chain of connected ideas or passages or objects so arranged that each member is closely related to the preceding and following members (especially a series of patristic comments elucidating Christian dogma).

Hobby: a child`s plaything consisting of an imitation horse mounted on rockers; the child straddles it and pretends to ride.

Adopter: a person who adopts a child of other parents as his or her own child.

Declare Oneself: ask (someone) to marry you.

Remarry: marry, not for the first time.

Godmother: a female person who is chosen to be the guardian or protector of a child, usually during a baptism or a similar ceremony in some cultures. The godmother often plays a special role in the child`s life and may offer guidance, support, and love throughout their upbringing.

Wive: marry a woman, take a wife.

Betrothal: a mutual promise to marry.

Marriage Licence: a license authorizing two people to marry.

Miscegenate: marry or cohabit with a person of another race.

Marriageable: of girls or women who are eligible to marry.

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