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یورپی جھینگر : Europi Jheengar Meaning in English

Europi Jheengar in Sentence

The European earwig is an invasive species.

Europi Jheengar in Detail

1 of 2) یورپی جھینگر : Common European Earwig Forficula Auricularia : (noun) sometimes destructive to cultivated bulbs.

2 of 2) یورپی جھینگر : Acheta Domestica European House Cricket : (noun) lives in human dwellings; naturalized in parts of America.

Useful Words

مختلف رنگوں کے یورپی انگور : Common Grape Vine , یورپی بہونرا : Cockchafer , یورپی گیندے کا پھول : Calendula Officinalis , کوئل نم پرندہ : Blackbird , جامنی لال پھول والی جھاڑی : Bell Heather , یورپی اکنتھس : Acanthus Mollis , چھوٹے پھول والا پودا : Hedge Violet , رازک کا پودا : Bine , چرس کی ایک قسم : Broad-Leaved Plantain , یورپی اجوائن : Alexander , مارٹن چڑیا : Delichon Urbica , ایک قسم کا پودا : Hyssop , گل حواشی : Common Speedwell , ایک پودا : Honesty , گہونگا : Cockle , چراگاہی کھمبی : Agaricus Campestris , گل چنگ : Agrostemma Githago , یورپ کی عام سوسن : Arum Maculatum , لیمپ : Lamp , زراعت میں استعمال ہونے والا نوکیلا اوزار : Dibber , ترکاری : Veg , تباہ کن انداز سے : Destructively , تباہ کن : Cataclysmal , دل شکن : Demoralising , آگ : Fire , تباہ کن جنگ : Armageddon , بربادی : Depredation , اضافی ٹیکس : Surcharge , غصہ : Rampage , غضب ناک : Rampageous , کاربن کاری : Carbonisation

Useful Words Definitions

Common Grape Vine: common European grape cultivated in many varieties; chief source of Old World wine and table grapes.

Cockchafer: any of various large European beetles destructive to vegetation as both larvae and adult.

Calendula Officinalis: the common European annual marigold.

Blackbird: common black European thrush.

Bell Heather: common low European shrub with purple-red flowers.

Acanthus Mollis: widely cultivated southern European acanthus with whitish purple-veined flowers.

Hedge Violet: common European violet that grows in woods and hedgerows.

Bine: European twining plant whose flowers are used chiefly to flavor malt liquors; cultivated in America.

Broad-Leaved Plantain: common European perennial naturalized worldwide; a troublesome weed.

Alexander: European herb somewhat resembling celery widely naturalized in Britain coastal regions and often cultivated as a potherb.

Delichon Urbica: common small European martin that builds nests under the eaves of houses.

Hyssop: a European mint with aromatic and pungent leaves used in perfumery and as a seasoning in cookery; often cultivated as a remedy for bruises; yields hyssop oil.

Common Speedwell: common hairy European perennial with pale blue or lilac flowers in axillary racemes.

Honesty: southeastern European plant cultivated for its fragrant purplish flowers and round flat papery silver-white seedpods that are used for indoor decoration.

Cockle: common edible, burrowing European bivalve mollusk that has a strong, rounded shell with radiating ribs.

Agaricus Campestris: common edible mushroom found naturally in moist open soil; the cultivated mushroom of commerce.

Agrostemma Githago: European annual having large trumpet-shaped reddish-purple flowers and poisonous seed; a common weed in grainfields and beside roadways; naturalized in America.

Arum Maculatum: common European arum with lanceolate spathe and short purple spadix; emerges in early spring; source of a starch called arum.

Lamp: a piece of furniture holding one or more electric light bulbs.

Dibber: a wooden hand tool with a pointed end; used to make holes in the ground for planting seeds or bulbs.

Veg: edible seeds or roots or stems or leaves or bulbs or tubers or nonsweet fruits of any of numerous herbaceous plant.

Destructively: in a destructive manner.

Cataclysmal: severely destructive.

Demoralising: destructive of morale and self-reliance.

Fire: the event of something burning (often destructive).

Armageddon: any catastrophically destructive battle.

Depredation: (usually plural) a destructive action.

Surcharge: an additional charge (as for items previously omitted or as a penalty for failure to exercise common caution or common skill).

Rampage: violently angry and destructive behavior.

Rampageous: displaying raging violence; often destructive.

Carbonisation: the destructive distillation of coal (as in coke ovens).

Related Words

جھینگر : Cricket , جھینگر : Acheta

Close Words

یورپی : European , یورپی اتحاد : Common Market , یورپی گھاس : Barley Grass , یورپی پھول والا پودا : Draba Verna , یورپی گھاس : Agropyron Repens , یورپی جڑی بوٹی : Alliaria Officinalis , یورپی چھوٹا سارس : Black-Winged Stilt , یورپی لمبی اروی : Armoracia Rusticana , یورپی پودا : Grass Vetch , یورپی جڑی بوٹی : Black Medick , یورپی چڑیا : Acrocephalus

Close Words Definitions

European: of or relating to or characteristic of Europe or the people of Europe.

Common Market: an international organization of European countries formed after World War II to reduce trade barriers and increase cooperation among its members.

Barley Grass: European annual grass often found as a weed in waste ground especially along roadsides and hedgerows.

Draba Verna: annual weed of Europe and North America having a rosette of basal leaves and tiny flowers followed by oblong seed capsules.

Agropyron Repens: European grass spreading rapidly by creeping rhizomes; naturalized in North America as a weed.

Alliaria Officinalis: European herb that smells like garlic.

Black-Winged Stilt: stilt of Europe and Africa and Asia having mostly white plumage but with black wings.

Armoracia Rusticana: coarse Eurasian plant cultivated for its thick white pungent root.

Grass Vetch: annual European vetch with red flowers.

Black Medick: prostrate European herb with small yellow flowers and curved black pods; naturalized in North America.

Acrocephalus: a genus of Sylviidae.

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