It Makes No Odd...I Will Fix You ...Your Intention ...Tell You After ...The Rice Must H...You Are AbusingShe Comes Of A ...What Is Your Wo...He Is PantingThere Is No Coe...You Dodged The ...What Did I Do ?Get Me MarriedThe Tire Has Be...What Have I Don...Tuck The Shirt InYou Cast Doubt ...You Have Got FairYou Worthless Man!So What Do I Do ?


اس کی سانس پھول رہی ہے

Es ki sans phool rahe hai

Related Sentences

He is performing ablution : Wo wadu kar raha hai ❯❯

He is a bachelor and she is a spinster : Wo kanwarah larka hai or wo kanwari aurat hai ❯❯

He is a black person : Wo siya fam insaan hai ❯❯

He is a born liar : Wo to pedaishi jhoota hai ❯❯

مُشکل سے نِکلو