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Racemose 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Racemose in Sentence

Lilies of the valley are racemose.

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Racemose in Detail

1. گلدستے جیسا Guldastay Jesa : Racemose : having stalked flowers along an elongated stem that continue to open in succession from below as the stem continues to grow.

Lilies of the valley are racemose.

Related : Phytology : the branch of biology that studies plants.

Useful Words

Along : ساتھ ساتھ Sath Sath : in line with a length or direction (often followed by `by' or `beside'). "Pass the word along"

At A Lower Place - Below - Beneath - To A Lower Place : نیچے Neeche : in or to a place that is lower.

Continue - Go Along - Go On - Keep - Proceed : جاری رکھنا Jari Rakhna : continue a certain state, condition, or activity. "How are your Eid preparations going on?"

Elongate - Elongated : لمبا Lamba : having notably more length than width; being long and slender. "An elongate tail tapering to a point"

Bloom - Blossom - Flower : کھلنا Khilna : produce or yield flowers. "The cherry tree bloomed"

Acquire - Develop - Get - Grow - Produce : بڑھانا Barhana : come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes). "He grew a beard"

Clear - Open : کھلا Khulla : a clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water. "Finally broke out of the forest into the open"

Pedunculate - Stalked : ڈنڈی کے سہارے کا Dandi Kay Saaharay Ka : having or growing on or from a peduncle or stalk. "A pedunculate flower"

Stem : پیدا ہونا Paida Hona : grow out of, have roots in, originate in. "The increase in the national debt stems from the last war"

Chronological Sequence - Chronological Succession - Sequence - Succession - Successiveness : سلسلہ Silsila : a following of one thing after another in time. "The doctor saw a sequence of patients"

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