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Zilch meaning in Urdu

Zilch Sentence

I didn`t hear zilch about it.

Zilch Synonyms


Zilch Definitions

1) Zilch, Aught, Cipher, Cypher, Goose Egg, Nada, Naught, Nil, Nix, Nothing, Null, Zero, Zip, Zippo : کچھ نہیں : (noun) a quantity of no importance.

Useful Words

Dominate : طاقت میں ہونا , Coding : رمز نویسی , Cryptogram : رمزی تحریر , Enough : مناسب تعداد , Least : کم درجہ کی چیز , Account : اہمیت , Essentiality : بنیادی اہمیت , All Important : بہت اہم , Big : شیخی خورا , Subordinateness : کم مرتبہ , Pivotal : اہم , Beta : درجہ بندی میں دوسرا ہونا , Basal : اصل , Nickel-And-Dime : غیر اہم , Alpha : پہلا , Small Beer : معمولی حیثیت کی چیز , Momentousness : اہمیت , Primacy : افضلیت , Capital : اہم , Inconsequent : معمولی اور غیر اہم , Go Deep : اہمیت اور وسعت بڑھانا , Superiority Complex : احساس برتری , Fiddling : حقیر , Egotism : خود پسندی , Detractive : کم کرنے والا , Acute : تشویشناک حد تک , Last : آخری درجہ , Secondary : ثانوی درجے کی اہمیت , Big : نمایاں , Low-Level : کم عہدے یا اہمیت کا حامل , Low-Level : کم عہدے یا اہمیت کا حامل

Useful Words Definitions

Dominate: be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance.

Coding: act of writing in code or cipher.

Cryptogram: a piece of writing in code or cipher.

Enough: an adequate quantity; a quantity that is large enough to achieve a purpose.

Least: something that is of no importance.

Account: importance or value.

Essentiality: basic importance.

All Important: of the greatest importance.

Big: exhibiting self-importance.

Subordinateness: secondary importance.

Pivotal: being of crucial importance.

Beta: second in order of importance.

Basal: of primary importance.

Nickel-And-Dime: of minor importance.

Alpha: first in order of importance.

Small Beer: something of small importance.

Momentousness: utmost importance.

Primacy: the state of being first in importance.

Capital: of primary importance.

Inconsequent: lacking worth or importance.

Go Deep: extend in importance or range.

Superiority Complex: an exaggerated estimate of your own value and importance.

Fiddling: (informal) small and of little importance.

Egotism: an exaggerated opinion of your own importance.

Detractive: causing to decrease in importance or value.

Acute: of critical importance and consequence.

Last: lowest in rank or importance.

Secondary: being of second rank or importance or value; not direct or immediate.

Big: conspicuous in position or importance.

Low-Level: lower in rank or importance.

Low-Level: at a low level in rank or importance.

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